Junior Boys U12 & U14 Lightning Games

U12 Boys - Williamstown v Camberwell 2012
U12 Boys - Williamstown v Camberwell 2012
Image © Rhys Shobbrook  

U12 Lightning Games  

Two weeks of lightning games will be held for U12's, using 4 venues each week. There are currently 19 teams entered. Venues and teams will be as below. Game format and schedule will be up to host clubs to work out; either several short games could be played, or couple of normal length games would also be OK if that suits the teams present better. 


20th of April  2013:

  • Altona:             (4)  Altona, Footscray WI Fearon, WI Cities  
  • Caulfield:         (5)  CF Balaclava, CF Inkerman, MA Black, 
                                      MA Red, CW Sting 
  • Chadstone:     (6)  Chadstone, MCC Red, MCC Blue,
                                      CW Buzz, CW Magic, Knox  
  • Eltham:            (4)  EL Durham, EL Russell, Surrey Park, Moreland  

 27th of April 2013:  

  • Williamstown:  (4) WI Fearon, WI Cities, CF Balaclava, CF Inkerman  
  • MCC:               (4) MCC Red, MCC Blue, Altona, Chadstone  
  • Malvern:          (4) MA Black, MA Red, EL Durham, EL Russell  
  • Camberwell:    (7) CW Sting, CW Buzz, CW Magic, Surrey Park, Footscray, Moreland, Knox   

Note that some switching around of teams may occur in second week, depending on which teams take the field the first week. Williamstown and MCC will both be holding club family days on 27th, so there will be 11am games at these venues; otherwise, the U16's will be scheduled elsewhere so Lightning Games can run a bit later, depending on what suits.

U14 Lightning Games  


U14 Fixtures:

  • Download the U14 Lightning Game Fixtures here


20th of April 2013:

  •  Dorothy Laver Reserve, Camberwell

Games will be in the by-now-usual U14 & U12 6-a-side Lightning Games format. U14's are being scheduled for 10-teams. Each team will play 4 games over 6 time slots at 20-min intervals from 9:30am to 11:30am; last games finish at 11:30am. 4 cross-wise grounds will be used, so 8 teams at a time will be playing, 2 will have byes. Teams briefing will be held at 9:15am; early start times will be given to teams on time for the briefing; they'll be the ones to get away 20 min earlier at the end.

Current U14 teams are:  

 AL, CF, CW Blue, CW Red, EL, FO, MA, MH, WI, MC-CH-KN, MO-SP  


Michael Naughton
Competitions Committee
0430 422 420


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