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Gender balance in sporting organisations is becoming more and more important as Samantha Lane, reporter from The Age, points out in her article “Gender imbalance may cost top sports” (, March 21st, 2013). She claims that the Australian Sports Commission’s (ASC) seven most funded sporting organisations may have to make budget cuts if they don’t increase women participation on board level in the next 12 months.

ASC is now starting to work on the gender balance problem on national level; LV is already a step ahead at State Level. In cooperation with the Victorian Government, VicSport and VicHealth, LV has been working on the Good Governance Project and the State Sporting Association Participation Program to help improve Lacrosse Victoria’s Good Governance Practices.

The Lacrosse Victoria Board has made enormous progress over the past 18 months in successfully developing a strong foundation of good governance. The board now looks well positioned to build on their established framework that has been put in place by obvious commitment. Some of the main achievements include:

  • Participation in the Vicsport Good Governance Project which has provided the board and staff with support through training, resources and education
  • The development of a strategic plan which outlines a clear purpose and goals to guide the organisation over the next 5 years
  • Involvement of LaTrobe University Sports Management students at committee level for the first time
  • Establishment of a Good Governance Working Committee to take responsibility for the development of governance policies and procedures
  • Development of a comprehensive Board Manual and Election Kit including newly established documentation such as:
    • Board Role Description
    • Values and Conduct Statements (board and sub-committee)
    • Review of TOR for sub-committees
    • Induction Policy

The main goal of LV’s good governance program is continuing the work that we have done as well as creating a diverse leadership group will help make Lacrosse a more welcoming and inclusive Sport for all Victorians.


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