U18 Girls' & Boys' Victorian State Team Announced

2012 U18 Vic State Team
2012 U18 Vic State Team
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Lacrosse Victoria is very proud to announce the players that will represent Victoria in the ALA U18 Boys' & Girls' National Championship 2013.

The Tournament is being held from Sunday 21st April to Saturday 27th April in Perth, WA.

U18 Victorian State Boys' Team:
Luke Dobson (Moreland)

Dylan Kinderman (Surrey Park)

Brandon Farrugia (Altona)

Sam Green (Camberwell)

Mitch Wilkinson (Moreland)

Ben Greenwood (Camberwell)

Thomas Mollison (Footscray)

Oskar Rosa (Moreland)

Sean Clarke (Williamstown)

Matt Nelson (Surrey Park)

Jordan Catela (Eltham)

Noah Jenney (Williamstown)

Angus Thompson - Pritchard (MCC)

Alexander Pike (Williamstown)

Kenneth Speak (Surrey Park)

Mitchell Quarrier (Williamstown)

Samuel Anglicas (Malvern)


Charlie McGill (MCC)

Alex Stewart (MCC)

Harry Potocnik (Moreland)


U18 Victorian State Girls' Team:

Ashleigh Botica (Newport)

Rocharne Brady (Newport)

Audrey Fithall (Williamstown)

Kaitlin Hughes (Altona)

Laura Hulley (Chadstone)

Tara Kelly (Footscray)

Theodora Kwas (Footscray)

Naomi Lane (Footscray)

Abbey McGowan (Williamstown)

Eliza Morgan (Footscray)

Sasha Pollnitz (Eltham)

Sarah Smith (Footscray)

Jayd Temby (Williamstown)

Sally Tregear (Williamstown)

Hannah Walker (Newport)

Katarina (Kiki) Zmijarevic (Williamstown)


Madeleine Russell (Newport)

Sarah Smith (Williamstown)

Danielle Wiles (Eltham)


Congratulations to all selected players!

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