U15 Girls Teams Announced

Lacrosse Victoria is proud to announce the players that will represent team Fire, team Ice and team Sparks in the U15 Nationals.  We wish all players the very best of luck in October.


Katie Jane Clark   
Olivia Basile         
Ally Campbell    
Shelley Ficior    
Kass Williams    
Jane White        
kit Stewart         
Kaitlin Shaw       
Mishani Renton-Love   
Kira Mowat                
Ash Maher                
Sadie Mason                
Hannah Coghlan           
Rachel Hull               
Jenny Allinson          
Anika Dawe


Paige MacGibbon   
Esther Lavelle        
Ellen McGuirk         
Sonya O'Mahony     
Emma Comeadow    
Samantha Smith       
Sasha Pollnitz      
Jess Pham                     
Kiki Zmijarevic     
Tori Naylor            
Stephanie Kelly   
Hannah Walker      
Stella Mcinnes       
Elisha Hodges       
Ella Speak              
Charlotte Gemmell   


Stella Spracklan Holl   
Bridget Hogan            
Lauren Jennings       
Maddy Russell          
Maddy Paterson       
Georgia Meredith      
Emily Prentice          
Mei Griffin                
Laura Hulley                    
Audrey Fithall          
Ursula Fithall          
Dani Wiles              
Annabel White        
Isobel Pain             
Alex Klepner           
Serena Keegan      

Bess Ratje             
Evette- Jean Harris


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