The 2012 Men's Season Finale

Willy vs Malvern for a ground ball
Willy vs Malvern for a ground ball
Image © Williamstown Lacrosse Club  
Willamstown attackman taking on a Malvern defender
Willamstown attackman taking on a Malvern defender
Image © Williamstown Lacrosse Club  

For the State League Grand Final, there will be a formal introduction before the game, with the playing of the national anthem and introduction of the teams.  Presentation ceremonies will be held after each of the games, either in a common area, or on each ground, whichever is most suitable.  Changes to grounds are always possible, depending on operational decisions; but clubs will be notified of any material changes.

The stage is set for big day of Willy vs teams of all colours next Saturday.  Remembering some terrific September grand finals days from years gone by, we're hoping for fine weather and a big crowd out at Altona.  Bring it on!

Interesting to note that this is the first time in ten years that Malvern Lacrosse Club has been represented in a State League grand final, and fifteen years since they've taken on Williamstown for the premiership.

The full list of Lacrosse Victoria premiers dating back to 1878 is available on wikipedia.

Next Saturday's Grand Finals will be hosted by Altona Lacrosse Club.

The games schedule has been worked out between the Match Committee and Altona, and is as follows.

Saturday September 15

Men’s / Under 18 Grand Finals
Venue: Altona Lacrosse Club

Ground 1: Clubrooms

9:30am G1 U18 GF Williamstown v Southern Supremes
12:15pm G1 D3 GF Williamstown v Malvern

Ground 3: Car Park

12:00pm G3 D2 GF Williamstown v Altona
2:45pm G3 SL GF Williamstown v Malvern

Ground 4: Swimming Pool

12:00pm G4 D1 GF Williamstown v Moreland


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