U18 Boys Victorian Team National Champions!

To the victors go the spoils!
To the victors go the spoils!
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The Victorian U18 boys went to Adelaide and completed an amazing feat winning seven straight games to become the 2012 Under 18 National Champions.

Having only a very short lead in to the Nationals, coaches John Egan and Stephan Pike knew the boys needed to start off with a win to boost confidence. They achieved this with a first game win against W.A. winning by 4 goals in a close game 15-11, with Brian Bach winning the MVP.

The boys followed this up in game two with a solid win against S.A. 19-12 with Sean Clarke winning MVP, winning 11 from 17 centres.

Game three saw the boys come up against New Zealand. This N.Z. team was the unknown and this proved to be true as the game progressed. As much as the boys tried they couldn't get away from them on the score board, wasting shots and not converting, taking 21 shots for only 8 in return. The boys won the game 8-4. MVP went to Darian Jones the keeper for his strong work between the posts.  N.Z. had 25 shots at goal, but was only able to put 4 past Darian.

Game four saw the boys take on W.A. again as the second half of the week started. The boys came out firing on all cylinders scoring 4-1 in the first quarter then 7-1 in the second. The third saw the boys put in a solid quarter again and score 4-1. The last quarter was the runaway quarter with the Vic boys scoring 9-2. This game saw the entire team play the best lacrosse of the  tournament, with great centre work taking advantage of the ball to help the forward line maximise their scoring opportunities. Campbell MacKinnon scoring 6 goals.  W.A. couldn't shut down the strength of the forward line with both Thomas Mollison and Alex Pike combining for twelve goals between them. Thomas Mollison scoring 8 goals. The MVP for the game went to Alex Pike scoring 4 goals and a tournament high of 8 assists.

Thursday's game against S.A. was a continuation from the day before, with the Vic boys winning again 23-7, with an astonishing 33 centres for the game and Sean Clarke winning 11 from 19 and Sam Green 6 from 11. Again the forward line finishing the ball well.  S.A closed off Thomas Mollison, but this opened up Sam Anglicas to score, finishing with 7 goals from 10 shots. MVP for this game went to Alex Pike for the second game in a row, finishing with 10 goals from 17 shots and 4 assists.

Day six was against N.Z.  After the first game earlier in the week and seeing the improvement of the N.Z team through the week the coaches and players didn't enter this game lightly, not wanting to lose a game at this stage of the tournament. It was a hard game against N.Z. who defended exceptionally well, Victoria having 8 goal scorers to finish the game with a win 12-4. MVP went to Matthew Morgan, the youngest long pole on the team. Usually a defender, but asked to play off the midfield as a defensive midfielder he played the position well and improved through the week to finish with the MVP for the last of the tournament games before the final.

Saturday saw the Vic boys take the field against W.A. in the final for first/second.

The game started hard, W.A. winning the ball out of the centre and scoring the first 2 goals, finishing the first quarter up by one, 3-4.  The Vic boys came out in the second quarter with an endeavour to win and turned the score board around to be 11-6 at half time. The third quarter was goal for goal, neither team taking an advantage, ending 15-10, still only five goals in it. The fourth quarter saw W.A hit back hard, both teams scoring goals and W.A getting to within 4 goals with ten minutes to go. The Vic boys held on to win by 6, the final score 20-14.  Again with solid performances by Alex Pike, Sam Anglicas, Thomas Mollison and an amazing 21 centre wins from 37 centre draws saw the Vic boys win both the Tournament Trophy and the Under 18 National Champions Trophy. MVP for the final went to Campbell MacKinnon. This was well deserved not only for the amount of work he did around the ground, clearing and running the ball, ground ball gets and 4 goals, but also by the fact he played with a sore shoulder for the entire game, only finding out when back in Melbourne he had a cracked collar bone.


The week was topped off by having six Victorian boys named in the Under 18 All Stars Team.

Brian Bach, James Butler, Darian Jones, Campbell MacKinnon, Thomas Mollison, Alex Pike.

And finally Alex Pike was named Male Player of the Tournament with 38 Goals, 24 Assists. 

Congratulations to John Egan, Stephan Pike, Lynne Pike, Kerrie Green and the 18 Boys of the Victorian Under 18 team of 2012 for their fantastic effort this year and bringing the Trophy's home to Victoria.

Head Coach:

John Egan

Assist Coach:

Stephan Pike


Lynne Pike


Kerrie Green


Matt Nelson, Sam Anglicas, Sean Clarke, Mitch Quarrier, Brian Bach, Jordan Catela, James Butler, Steven Miller, Alex Pike, Campbell MacKinnon, Tom Mollison, Matt Morgan, Joe Blackney, Dylan Trewern, Sam Green, Darian Jones, Jonathon Lowe, Nick Sheedy.







Brain Bach.



Sean Clarke



Darian Jones



Alex Pike



Alex Pike



Matt Morgan


20-14 (Final)

Campbell MacKinnon





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