New Lacrosse Victoria website launched

The 2012 Lacrosse Victoria website
The 2012 Lacrosse Victoria website  

Thanks for visiting the new Lacrosse Victoria website!

We've spent the past few months making a number of changes to the site to improve your experience and simplify access to the information you visit us for.

These include:

  • Improved access to fixtures and results
    All Sporting Pulse fixtures and results are now available directly within the Lacrosse Victoria website!

  • Improved access to information from the LV office
    Important notices and other relevant announcements from the Lacrosse Victoria office are now available from the home page as well as each of the section home pages. They also have their own brand-new notices section where you can view all notices.

  • View the news you're interested in!
    You asked, and we delivered - a common complaint was that it wasn't previously possible to select the featured news article on the home page you wanted to view - now you can, by selecting the small (thumbnail) image on the right of the home page.

  • Improved social interaction
    At the  bottom of every news article and event item, you can now add your own comments, responses (even images!) using the Disqus platform - see below, we'd love to hear from you! You'll need to create sign in using Twitter, Facebook or a Google account, or create a Disqus account to be able to post, and remember -- play nice!

  • A new look and feel
    We hope you like the new visual design for the site. It's been put together with you in mind! 


If you have any feedback about the new site, we'd appreciate you letting us know either through the comments at the bottom of this article, by completing our contact form or via our Facebook page

Thanks again for visiting!

The Lacrosse Victoria web team.


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