Meet LV Board member Lisa Jacobs

Lisa Jacobs enjoying her second-most favourite sport :)
Lisa Jacobs enjoying her second-most favourite sport :)  

Lacrosse Victoria caught up with the newest member of the LV board Lisa Jacobs. Question is: will we get off the bike and on the lacrosse field?

Lacrosse Victoria (LV) - You have a very interesting sporting background can you give us a run down on all the sports you have played?

Lisa Jacobs (LJ) - I have been a road cyclist for almost 5 years. Prior to that I did duathlon (run/bike/run races) and multisport racing - 'short' adventure races of up to 6 hours. I held a pro licence for duathlon for a while and raced overseas but got injured a lot from running, which was one of the reasons I switched to cycling. Growing up, I played a lot of tennis and hockey.

LV - Can you tell us a little about your cycling?

LJ - I am a road cyclist with the Victorian Institute of Sport and I'm currently ranked 2nd in the national road series in Australia. In 2010 I raced on the Australian national team / AIS for a season in Europe, which was amazing. The highlight was racing the women's Giro d'Italia, the Giro Donne, which was the biggest professional women's tour in the world at the time. My blog,, gives a few insights into the life of a road cyclist. It's not always glamorous!

LV - How many Km's do you rack up a week?
LJ - Generally I aim for 400-500km per week. But this varies depending  on my race schedule and the time of year.

LV - What is your professional background?
LJ - I am a lawyer by profession. For the last few years I've been fortunate to be able to balance my career and sporting interests. This balance is important to me but it's not always easy to juggle.

LV - What attracted you to join the LV board?

LJ - Tim threatened to beat me around the head with a lacrosse stick if I didn't! No, not really...

Sport has always been a big part of my life. This year I wanted to find a way to make a meaningful contribution to sport beyond being involved as an athlete. The opportunity to join LV came at a good time as LV is undergoing some exciting strategic changes... and my experience in different sporting and professional environments can hopefully add some value to that.

LV - Now you have seen a game of lacrosse, what do you think?
LJ - I was hooked! It's a great sport to watch. Paul Clough took me around at the Downunder Cup and talked me through the rules. I was glad he was there or I would have been lost. I saw a couple of women's games and would love to catch a men's game next as they are so different.

LV - When do you think you will start playing?
LJ - It might have to be after I retire from elite cycling! I think I'd have a hard time explaining to my coach if I got injured playing another sport. But I'm looking forward to it.

LV - Any words of wisdom for aspiring young athletes?
LJ - The most important part of playing sport is to enjoy it. The skills you learn in sport, like teamwork, motivation and commitment are skills for life. Run hard and give it a crack.

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