Australian Mens squad shaping up

Jake Egan (JE) Firstly congratulations on being named Head Coach, how's preparation coming along?

Glenn Meredith (GM) It's a huge honour to be involved with lacrosse at a world level again, I've got some great assistant coach's that I'm very excited to work with. We're under no illusions about the task that faces us in Denver.  We have a two-year timeline in place, but in the short term - we're looking forward to the Nationals in Perth, and we're excited about the daunting task of choosing our final team from such a talented squad (of over 100).

JE For those of us that don't know, what's the Down Under Cup all about?

GM The DUC is a chance for International men's and women's teams to come and play some lacrosse 'down under' - and enjoy our great land. It's also a chance for our players to get some International experience.Lacrosse Victoria and Paul Mollison should be congratulated for their efforts, and I look forward to it's growth in the future.

JE As Head Coach of the Australian team, what are you hoping to get out of the DUC?

GM It will be a great opportunity for the coaching staff - namely, Chris Baker and Murray Keen to see the two Victorian teams in action. I'll be watching players to see how they gel outside their club environment.

JE What International teams are involved this year?

GM There are men's and women's teams coming from USA, Japan, & New Zealand.

JE What can spectators expect from the weekend?

GM It should be a terrific showcase of lacrosse. With 38 players from the men's Australian squad competing. Combine that with the quality of the US and New Zealand women taking on our Australian Women's squad members for the 2013 world series.

JE Glenn thanks very much for the time, and all the best with choosing a team to bring home the gold - anything you'd like to add?

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