I sat down for a coffee with the new president of Lacrosse Victoria - Tim Fry.

On my walk to the coffee shop I had thoughts dodging their way around my head of the current state of LV. Like many involved in the sport - I was of the belief that Lacrosse in Victoria isn't doing too well. There's a lack of money and professionalism, and most disconcerting of all - junior player numbers are down.

As I sat down at the table and ordered my latte - I quickly realized that I was wrong.

After only a few minutes of soaking in the new presidents words, I realized these aren't dreary times at all for LV - they are to use Tim's words, "very exciting times".

With the help of Ian Clarke,  the LV board will put together a 'strategic plan' - that will become like a Bible for LV.

Tim and the board's prime focus will be growth of the sport, and they will base all of their strategic planning and ideas around growth.

What sold me personally on Tim and the board is that they plan to hold themselves accountable for all of their ideas and actions - by measuring their success. So rather than repeating the same action over and over and hoping for a different result - they will measure results, and adapt accordingly.

Like a good business owner - Tim has realized that he and his board must work ON their business (in this case - Lacrosse), rather than IN it.

Tim hopes that through the combined effort of himself, his board, and the lacrosse community we can have 5000 members in ten years time.

I asked Tim very simply - 'what if you fail?'

Tim conceded that he will face failures - "of course", but he quickly retorted that, "the sport is bigger than any individual. We have a great product in Lacrosse, what we haven't done great is the advertising … that is where we (the board and I) plan to make a difference".

As I drained my latte and reflected Tim's words, I was left with a positive and re-assured state of mind. The future of the sport that I love so much couldn't be in safer hands.


For those that have met Tim - they'll know what a warm, and genuine character he is. He's played the game for over 20 years, and represented Victoria and Australia. I wish Tim and the board the best, and look forward to a bright future for our sport.


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