The lacrosse show in Bendigo

Lacrosse Victoria would like to thank the Bendigo Lacrosse Club for the outstanding presentation of the first round of the 2012 lacrosse season in Bendigo.

Willy vs EastsideNoting the fantastic weather, the suberb conditions of the grounds and catering appropriate for the event. The activity of the Bendigo club was evident throughout the day and appreciated by those who care about these things.

The games had a historical significance also, with the newly formed Eastside Womens State League team taking to the ground for the first time.

Lacrosse Victoria would like to thanks all the members of the Bendigo club and appreciate their excellent contribution to the day. Some fine lacrosse was played and people were pleased to be in Bendigo for the day.

It is exciting to know that there is a foundation to build on the event to run in 2013 and hopefully become part of the perment fixture.

Many thanks to all members of the Victorian lacrosse community for coming to Bendigo and making it such a great day.


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