Schools Competition

Many of the great Victorian lacrosse players have come through respective school recruitment programs and have gone on to represent Australia.  That is why Lacrosse Victoria is proud to once again once the 2011 Schools Competition.

The School Lacrosse Competition Day is an annual event.  This year Lacrosse Victoria will be running competition for grade 5 & 6, year 7 & 8 and years 9 & 10. 

The format will be Modcrosse rules, with no stick checking or body contact to promote fast open play for all to participate and enjoy.  A team entry fee of $40 is required to participate.

Entry forms be found below here.  

Year 9 and 10 held 5th September

Year 7 and 8 held 5th November

Grades 5 and 6 held 25th November

For any questions or more information on the competitions please contact Lacrosse Victoria at


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