Western Metros Team Announced

Lacrosse Victoria is pleased to announce the selected team for the U15 Wstern Metros team to compete in the U15 National Tournament in Perth in October
Western Metro Representative  Team 2011
1.   Riley Fanner              (F)
2.   Brandon Farrugia       (A)
3.   Kyle Latch                 (F)
4.   Matthew Morgan        (F)
5.   Joel Adams               (F)
6.   Bayley Guymer          (F)
7.   Matthew Davies          (F)
8.   Cameron Keenan       (A)
9.   Joel Pante                 (F)
10. Nicholas Marriner       (F)
11. Nathan Quarrier         (W)
12. Sean Clarke              (W)
13. Gil Cordell-Radford     (W)
14. Kosta Tripitiris           (F)
15. Jacob Splatt              (W)
16. Adam Webster          (A)
Chris Jarvis                     (W)
Alexander Mercier           (W)
Senna Goncalves             (F)
Coach: Peter Morgan
Asst Coach  TBC


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