Lacrosse and AFL; drawing the links

AFL and lacrosse have stronger links than many would know.  First off, in 1907 they cancelled a round of VLF matches to play a lacrosse test series between Australia and Canada.  Secondly, we have seen some great footballers who once played lacrosse in their younger days, Nick Stevens and Brendan Fevola to name two.

In The Saturaday Age on the 15th July, Gary Lyon wrote an article titled 'Footy at lacrosse roads', (worth reading if you have not done so yet) which drew on what football clubs are learning from lacrosse given its strategic nature. 

Importantly, this is not so new, Mark Williams, (former coach of Port Adelaide and brother of Jenny Williams, former Australian Women's lacrosse coach) made it very well known that he had consulted with his sister on tactics such as riding, clearing and offence/defence structures in lacrosse, which assisted him in developing and implementing such concepts in football.

So how does the reverse look?  Given that much of what we know is filtered through from Canada and the USA (who are the two best in the World), what can we learn from AFL to give us the advantage in future World Championships? Food for thought, but worth thinking considering. 




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