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It's no secret that there are a large number of international players in the Lacrosse Victoria (LV)State League competition this year. But with most of the players being from the United States we thought we'd have a look at a less common variety of international laxer in the form of current Japanese team Captain and Japanese hero Gen Hasegawa.We call him a hero because when a team of young Japanese players who visited Melbourne earlier in the year they were too much in awe and too nervous in front of their national captain to approach him and ask for a photo! Some of you might know Gen from a famous hidden ball trick the Japanese National team played on the Australian team in Manchester last year:

Japan 1Gen is playing for Williamstown this season and has so far played all but one game of State League which was missed as he is currently playing in the ASPAC tournament in New Zealand for the touring 'LaxRatz' team.

LV was able to obtain an interview with Gen before he left for NZ. The interview was conducted by email because while Gen is currently learning English at a course in Melbourne's CBD the language barrier is just a little bit high right now to conduct a full interview.


LV - Gen, What is your lacrosse background, when did you start playing lacrosse?
GH -  I started lacrosse as an 18 year old University Student at Nippon Sports Science University. Since then I have played for several Japanese under age teams and at the 2006 and 2010 world games (Captain). Currently playing for Falcons Lacrosse Club in Japan and now Williamstown Lacrosse Club.

LV-  Why did you choose to come to Australia?

GH - I came here because Australia has more lacrosse history and a more wonderful  lacrosse environment than Japan so I thought I could improve my skills in Australia.
LV - Why did you choose Williamstown as a club?

GH - I chose Williamstown because it was the champion team of Victoria last year so I thought there are player of high skills and coach that has good knowledge of the game.  
LV - Have you enjoyed yourself so far?

GH - Yes, I have .But if I can improve my English speaking more, I will be able to enjoy it even more than now. I am enjoying myself, I love it here.
LV  - How is Australian lacrosse different to lacrosse in Japan?

GH - An obviously different point is the physical nature of the game in Australia. It is more physical than Japan. I'm thinking that it isn't too different but in Australia there is a more emphasis on offence pattern than Japan and the shooting skill is high. One thing that I find mysterious is that I have never seen Zone Defence in Australia. Does anyone in Australia play a zone defence?
LV - What are you doing in Australia other than lacrosse?

GH - I went to language school in Melbourne from April till June and from this point on  'll play lacrosse while working. Of course the days that are without training, I spend to go swimming, running and do weight training.

LV - What do you think of Melbourne?

GH - I think that Melbourne is very good city because there are wonderful cafes, restaurant, many shops and a beautiful beach. And everyone has been very friendly and kindly.
LV - What do you think of the food?

GH - It's good.I like Australian foods, especially I love what you call Chicken Parma. But I don't like vegemite.

LV - Thanks for speaking to us, Gen. Good luck with the rest of the season and your stay in Melbourne!

GH - Nippon Ichi Ban!


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