It's official: Ric has a world class moustache.

"Over the past few days, we've been uploading hundreds of photos from the World Indoor Lacrosse Championship in Prague onto our Facebook page. Eduard Erben (CPA Czech Photo) and the other pro sports photographers in attendance have done a phenomenal job capturing the energy and passion present at the tournament. They've given lacrosse fans from all over the world a peak into another side of the sport.

As we've uploaded these photos, I've had the opportunity to look at each and every one. Throughout my viewings, I couldn't help but notice the epic mustache on the upper lip of Team Australia's Head Coach, Ric Benedierks. I mean, just look at it:

Ric Benedierks

Ric Benedierks has an awesome 'stache. A 'stache only a wise man could own. And guess what? This man ain't no student of the game - he's a teacher. With 20 years of experience under its nose, if that stache is moving you'd better listen!

With that said, Coach Benedierks, I humbly bestow on you the LAS WILC 2011 Best Cookie Duster Award. When you see this post, please contact me for a free pair of Man Bro sunglasses. I've got the perfect pair picked out for you.

Want to see photos of real WILC action? Here's your source: GALLERY #1, GALLERY #2

Trust the Stache

Editor's note: If you're at all wondering how this post came to be, I must remind you that it was only natural. If you've learned anything about the guys at LAS as long as you've been a reader here, you know we all appreciate a quality mustache."


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