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The feature image of this article was taken on the 3rd July, 1897.  Victoria vs South Australia.  We found this image on the State Library of Victoria website, the photograph is referenced to a Beaumont H. J. fl. 1874-1900.

So why are we showing you a picture of a lacrosse team from 1897?   Well, for us it highlights a number of things: firstly, being that lacrosse in Victoria has a very long and proud history; secondly, the sport has come along way since its humble beginnings in 1874; and thirdly, the way we communicate has evolved significantly since 1897.

Come to think of it, the telephone was only introduced to Australia in 1878 -- fast forward to 2011, the old standard home telephone has become almost redundant technology.

Improving  communication is a key strategy of Lacrosse Victoria to further the growth of lacrosse in Victoria, hence, Lacrosse Victoria is very proud to introduce you to the new website,

Also, with the new site comes a new logo, but more on that later.

So please feel free to look around.  We look forward to your feedback to further help us to improve the site.

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