U/11 VICLAX Girls Program kicks off for 2011

Could these be the future stars of womens lacrosse?
Could these be the future stars of womens lacrosse?  

VICLAX is a fun, intensive activity, focused on maximizing player involvement to provide a great opportunity for skill development and for introducing new players to lacrosse.  VICLAX also provides kids the opportunity to mix with players from other clubs, learn and enjoy a wider variety of skills and experience the type of program older age groups enjoy when trying out for state teams.

VICLAX  put simply is an AUSKICK style program where players from all clubs come together and receive coaching from a wide variety of coaches from all clubs.  Similar to the State team try-outs, players are put into groups and rotated through a number of different activity/skilled based stations.

At the completion of rotating through the all the stations, a short game is played; this is an opportunity for participants to put their newly learned skills into practice.  Teams are grouped regardless of club, (although we do ensure players have some friends from their club in each team).

VICLAX will run for eight weeks, returning to our normal home and away games for the remaining eight rounds.  Sessions will be held at the same time on Sunday mornings at the usual club locations. Training will continue as usual throughout the year

VICLAX is open to all U/11 girls and their parents from all clubs, so why not give it a go!

For further information please contact the Lacrosse Victoria Office.

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