Rewind to 1948

Ever wondered what the Victorian Lacrosse Historian does?  Did you know Lacrosse Victoria has a historian?   Well, given the rich history of Lacrosse in Victoria, Doug Fox is a busy man.  We provide a recent request as an example of the important work Doug Fox does for Lacrosse Victoria.  

Recently Doug Fox was contacted by the daughter of a former lacrosse player, Cliff Nisbett, who had in her possession a Victorian team photo from 1948 of which Cliff was a member, but was seeking further info' on his playing career.

Doug was able to provide the following overview of Cliff Nisbett

Cliff played with the Camberwell Lacrosse Club registering 15 games in the "A" Section team in 1946, 8 games in 1947, 14 in 1948.  He was registered as a player with Camberwell in 1949 and 1950 but did not play any games but he returned in "B" Section playing 7 games in 1951.
His teammates at Camberwell included Horrie and George Smith, his brother Ian Nisbet, Frank Fox, Merv Munday, Sam McCorkell, Hilary Glennon, Gordon Coutts, Merv Cocks, Ken Clark, Bill Taylor, Ian Atkins, Ernie Welsh and others.SA team list
He was selected to play for Victoria against South Australia in 1948 in Adelaide.  An autographed  copy of the Match Programme is attached and you will see Cliff's signature on the front page.  Unfortunately his name is spelled incorrectly in the list of players.  The match was won by South Australia.

If you have any Lacrosse history that you would like to share with the Victorian Lacrosse Historian, please get in touch with the LV office


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