Do you remember your first Lacrosse game?

Can you remember your first game of Lacrosse?  From memory, I was eight years of age, my coach was Fred Durham and I was representing Montmorency South Primary School in the local schools comp'.  All in all, a very gentle introduction into the sport.  Well, for some, it is not such a gentle introduction. For example, take Lee Thedoris, who today played his first game of Lacrosse, representing the U17 President's team, playing against a very stroPresidents playerng Victorian team.

Lee, (similar to Marty Hyde's story) is a junior (or now maybe was) footballer, who has been introduced to Lacrosse through his friend Xavier Fiorentini.  Over the summer period Lee has been working hard to master the basic principles of catching and throwing, which was all put to the test today.

Coach John Reedyk Snr (President's Coach) was impressed with the new recruit, finding it hard to believe that this was Lee's first ever game. 

Whilst going down 30 - 3, Lee loved his first game, also having an opportunity to play against his good mate Xavier. 

We look forward to seeing Lee (and Xavier) on the lacrosse field in years to come. 


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