Australian Indoor Lacrosse Team 2011 Fires Up!

Under the watchful eye of Head Coach Ric Benedierks, the Australian Men's Indoor Lacrosse team took to the floor for its first full hit out. The team was also sporting the official team playing top for next months World Championships in Prague. Darren Nicholas

Players looked in great shape during the session, Wade Hammond (captain) also looking impressive after being on the side lines for the past six weeks with an ankle injury.  The team will meet in Prague on the 14th May for the beginning of a week long training camp before its first game on the 21st May.  

Ric Benedierks, who has had involvement with every Australian Indoor Lacrosse Team to play in a World Championship, believe's that this is the best outfit to leave the country.  "Given the mix between young and old, new and experienced, I am expecting big things, this team is not content with just showing up, they are hungry for success!".

Australia's first game will be up against England, breaking the tradition of playing the USA first up, this is a huge first game.  Wade Hammond (Captain) still feels the pain of losing to England in 2007, "it hurts losing, I think it even hurts more when you lose to England, we will be ready come May 21st, the loss in 2007 and of course the Ashes is huge motivation for this team to work harder". 

Lacrosse Victoria wishes members of the Australian Indoor team all the best for next months World Championship.

For more information go to the official World Indoor Lacrosse Championship web page 



Australian WILC travel squad 2011 (listed with home club team in parentheses)

Wade Hammond (Captain, Eltham)
Damien Cliffe (Altona)
Marty Hyde (MCC)
Jeff Joy (Malvern)
Jerome Kirkwood (Sturt)
Dylan MacDougall (Goulburn)
Rod Maher (Altona)
Nigel Wapper (Sturt)
Jesse Whinnen (Woodville)
Jake Egan (MCC)

Travis Gathercole (Camberwell)
Caleb Hall (Eltham)
Clinton Lander (Camberwell)
Cameron McLachlan (Surrey Park)
Daniel Mentiplay (MCC)
Darren Nicholas (Williamstown)
Gordon Purdie (Chadstone)
Ryan Stone (Sturt)

Keith Nyberg (Assistant Captain, Eltham)
Chris De Mello (Assistant Captain, Sturt)
Anthony Feleppa (Woodville)
Tim Fry (Eltham)
Sam Kilford (North Adelaide)
Patrick McGrath-Campbell (Malvern)
Anthony Munro (Burnside)
Frank Nicholas (Sydney)

Dwayne Edwards (West Torrens)
Aaron Machner (Brisbane)


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