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It may be anticipated that adherents and administrators of any sport are passionate about the activity with which they have had a long association. Lacrosse is no different and it is not hard to find people who play the sport who think that lacrosse is the best sport of all. Those of us who have been around for a very long time know that this passion is only part of the motivation which drives us. We recognize that there are other dimensions which are even more compelling than thinking the lacrosse is the 'best thing since sliced bread'.

As with many others we recognize that lifelong physical activity can be shown to contribute to better health and longevity. Even a quick review of research supports this view. Once we subscribe to this view we then think about the strategies which could be adopted which could sustain lifelong physical activity. Again the answer is not difficult to find. If a child has not attached themselves to a sporting body (and in most instances this means a club) before they complete secondary education there is little likelihood of an attachment beginning after having left school.

The result? No continuing commitment to play sport and less motivation to apply self discipline to physical activity.

Our competitions for under 11, under 12 players are the starting point for the activities which lead to better health and longevity. Children starting at these ages don't understand this physical activity / longevity equation. That's the responsibility of parents.

So when the kids have to be taken to lacrosse and there are jobs to do around the club you are helping your child to:

  • By habit, practice continuing physical activity
  • Learn how to 'fit in' with others on the team and being comfortable with being a team player
  • Appreciate the good fun of being in the open air that this country has in abundance with mates who share a common view and sport
  • Appreciate mum and dad being around and for sport to be a family practice
  • Learning on the field and off the field to become responsible
  • Understanding that the balance of sport, school, family life (and all the 'add ons') assist in making the 'rounded person'
  • Have the opportunity to represent, club, state and country and of course themselves

These views could be heard from just about anybody associated with sport. However I am committed to lacrosse and know that as a sport we offer to our beginning players challenges which are available throughout and beyond school age.

As with all seasons, 2011 is shaping up to be full of lacrosse activity with Under 17, Under 19 and Under 21 national competitions occurring early in the season. We'll all end up exhausted at the end of the season but loving every minute of our passion for lacrosse.

Play well, be involved and enjoy.

John Harris


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