2017 Southern Crosse Team Announced

Lacrosse Victoria is pleased to announce the 2017 Southern Crosse Team.

The 2017 ALA U15 National Tournament will be held at the Bayswater Lacrosse Club in Perth from October 1 - 7.

2017 Southern Crosse TEAM

Ambrosius, Xavier Caulfield
Arnold, James Malvern
Biro, Daniel Caulfield
Boontjes, Sam Chadstone
Currie, James           Caulfield
Duell, Lachlan Chadstone
Flood, Conor Caulfield
Francese, Dante Camberwell
Gorrie, Joshua Chadstone
Harari, Dylan Caulfield
Harris, Matthew Caulfield
Murray, James Camberwell
Nikolaevsky, Eitan Chadstone
Richards, Ethan Caulfield
Rotstein, Josh Caulfield
Tran, Brandon Malvern
Brown, Lucas Chadstone
Lewis, Mason Camberwell
Loveday, Roy Camberwell
McKenna, Ned Camberwell
Suffolk, James Malvern
Coach: Stephen Bown
Assistant Coach: Anthony Rodrigues
Manager: Chris Flood

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