From Sarawak to Swinburne

It's O-week at Swinburne University of Technology this week, and their Lacrosse club is doing their bit to promote the game.

One of the benefits of promoting Lacrosse at Universities is Universities have many international students from countries where Lacrosse is not played or is in its infancy.

Swinburne Uni Lacrosse has been in existence for three semesters and in that time we have players from Spain, South Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam.  Some have acquired sticks to take home, some have joined clubs to play on the weekend.  But one player has an interesting story.

Jie Sheng Tee (Jason) is a student studying at Swinburne’s Sarawak campus, Malaysia.  He and his friend Khai had a one semester exchange to Swinburne’s Hawthorn campus.  During O-week they looked for a badminton club, but the closest they could find (or so they thought) was the Lacrosse club.

Both Jason and Khai signed up and played for Swinburne in the 2016 Semester 1 University Lacrosse League.  Falling in love with the game, they both acquired sticks to take home and stayed active members of the Lacrosse club.

When the news was announced that Lacrosse had been admitted into the 2017 Southern University Games, Jason asked if he could play.  When approval was given by the Australian University Games, Jason booked his flights.

Originally slated to play for Swinburne’s second team, Jason was bumped up to the first team when Swinburne’s Vietnamese wonder-goalie, Ocean, tore an ACL.

Six games later, Jason was wearing a gold medal.  After attending the Maverik Challenge to see the Australian and Japanese teams, Jason flew back to Sarawak.

Congratulations Jason!  It is great to see your love of Lacrosse and your dedication to play.  We look hopefully forward to seeing you represent Malaysia in the World Games one day.


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