Under 13 Boys - Establishment Round

Eltham are the reigning champions!
Eltham are the reigning champions!
Image © Keith Nyberg  

The 2017 Under 13 Boys Season will start with three Regional Establishment Rounds. 

The Establishment Round format ensures that every Under 13 Boys Team is able to play in the first round of the year and removes the risk of teams forfeiting.

Eastern Establishment Round
Caulfield / Malvern
Northern Establishment Round*
Surrey Park Red
Surrey Park White
Western Establishment Round
Altona / Wyndham

*Moreland and Melbourne University will play at the Moreland Lacrosse Club as part of Moreland's Quick Stix Lacrosse Gala Day.

Fixtures for each Establishment Round are available here.


All rules are the same as the normal season, except for the following adjustments:

    • Games will be two 10 minute halves, with a 2 minute half time break and a 3 minute break between games.
    • No time-outs are permitted.

If you have any questions please contact River Bradley at competitions.officer@lacrossevictoria.com.au.



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