2016 State League Men's All Star Team Announced

Lacrosse Victoria is pleased to announce the 2016 State League Men's All Star Team.

The team was selected based on the votes from each State League Head Coach.

Goalkeeper - Chris Tillotson (Surrey Park)

Chris Tillotson - Surrey Park

Defence - Tim Lane (Footscray)

Tim Lane - Footscray

Defence - River Bradley (Surrey Park)

River Bradley - Surrey Park

Defence - Chris Moffat (Eltham)

Chris Moffat - Eltham

Long Stick Midfield - Alistair Gloutnay (Camberwell)

Alistair Gloutnay

Face-Off - Noah Jenney (Williamstown)

Noah Jenney - Williamstown

Midfield - Chris Plumb (Footscray)

Chris Plumb - Footscray

Midfield - Caleb Hall (Eltham)

Caleb Hall - Eltham

Midfield - Ben Newman (Williamstown)

Ben Newman - Williamstown

Attack - Clinton Lander (Camberwell)

Clinton Lander - Camberwell

Attack - Tim Ratje (Eltham)

Tim Ratje - Eltham

Attack - James Lawerson (Footscray)

James Lawerson - Footscray

Coach - Tim Murphy (Camberwell)

Tim Murphy - Camberwell

Photo Credit: Rhys Shobbrook, Lacrosse Pix, Craig Francisco.


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