2016 Southern Crosse Team Announced

Lacrosse Victoria would like to congratulate all of the players selected in the 2016 Southern Crosse Team.

The 2016 ALA U15 Nationals will be held at the Glenelg Lacrosse Club in Adelaide from October 2 - 8.

2016 Southern Crosse TEAM

Barnard, Jack Camberwell
Biro, Daniel Caulfield
Boontjes, Samuel Chadstone
Bown, Lachlan Malvern
Currie, James Caulfield
Flood, Connor Caulfield
Francese, Dante Camberwell
Godber, Ryan Malvern
Halak, Garrett Malvern
Harari, Dylan Caulfield
Harris, Matthew Caulfield
Melvin, Jack Caulfield
Nikolaevsky, Eitan Chadstone
Pagliaro, Joseph Camberwell
Stevenson, Matthew                     Camberwell
Tran, Brandon Malvern
McKenna, Ned Camberwell
Richards, Ethan Caulfield
Suffolk, James Malvern
Coach: Stephen Bown
Asst Coach: Sean Aaron
Manager: Michelle Godber

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