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Noel Jeffrey passed away last week at 93. Noel was a Life Member of Victorian Lacrosse Association.

Noel had been living in the US for over 30 years but was a regular visitor back to Australia and the Club. Noel was one of the people responsible for the establishment of the International Lacrosse Federation (ILF) and the establishment of the Lacrosse World Series.

Noel served as Australian International Liaison Officer – 1963 thru 1971 a period of 9 years during the conceptual growth of International Lacrosse.

Noel was instrumental in advising Australian Coaches particularly for the period 1972 – 1982 of the new equipment the Americans were using which was significant for the Coaches to understand as well as play a role in the development of the game in Australia. He made arrangements for Touring team coaches to talk to leading USA coaches and gave great assistance to Touring Australian teams.

Noel was a member of the International Lacrosse Federation and played a significant part in the development of World Series Lacrosse and the innaugral “1967 World Championships”.

Noel had a tremendous bearing on Australian international relations and really came to the fore as an administrator, he saw the possibilities of overseas tours to and from Australia as a marvellous opportunity for Australian Lacrosse to prosper and develop as an International Lacrosse Nation.

The following is a summary of Noel Jeffrey’s career and contribution to Australian


Playing Career

  • 1935 Commenced in the local interschool competition provided by the Malvern Lacrosse Club
  • 1936 – 41 Played in Malvern junior grades
  • 1941 – 46 Served in the Australian. Army with service in New Guinea and Bouganville.
  • 1946 Played in Malvern “B” Grade
  •  1947 – 62 Played centre for Malvern “A” Grade.
    Played in 16 consecutive Grand Finals of which Malvern won 12 including a record 10 consecutive premierships 1950 – 1959.
  • 1959 – 60 Captain of Malvern “A” Grade team
  • 1951, 53-1961   10 years played centre for Victorian Senior State Team
  • 1953 1959 Won Vince Healy Best & Fairest trophy
  • 1959 Captain of Victorian State Senior Team
  • 1953 1956 Selected as centre in “All Australian Team”
  • 1963 Coached Malvern Under 16 team to a premiership
  • 1964 Playing coach of Malvern “D” Grade premiership team
  • 1962 Member of the inaugural overseas tour to USA.


  • Member of Malvern Executive Committee for 20 years.
  • Member of VALA. Executive Committee for many years
  • 1963 -71 Australian Lacrosse Council “International Liaison Officer” (9 years)
  • 1967 Represented Australia as I.L.O. at “inaugural” meeting in Canada prior to first World Championships
  • 1964 -65 Manager of the Victorian Senior State Team


  • 1961 ALC Certificate of Merit
  • 1963 Life Member of VLA
  • 1964 Life Member of Malvern Lacrosse Club
  • 1969 VLA Past Presidents Trophy
  • 2004 ALA Fellows Award

Noel also played Lacrosse in Miami in 1978 – 1987 and visited Perth in 1990 for the World Championships and participated in the masters tournament.

From his School days in 1935 he played lacrosse in seven decades. A remarkable feat!!


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