"No one messes with this Tinkerbell"

We've discovered some old lacrosse articles that we'll be publishing as part of our #ThrowBackThursday Series. 

Check out Katie Peart's article on Williamstown's Darren Gibson in the lead up to the 1994 World Lacrosse Championship in Manchester.

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Darren Gibson - Tinkerbell

No one messes with this Tinkerbell - Katie Peart

With a nickname like Tinkerbell it's obvious that Darren Gibson doesn't beg any pardons when he's wielding a stick on a lacrosse field.

But Gibson's aggressive style has taken him far: 10 years in the state team, state captain last year and Australia co-captain at next month's World Lacrosse Championship in Manchester.

At 183cm and 82kg, the Williamstown player is no giant, but his fearless play and nippy versatility has made him a regular in the Australian team.

"I like the physical stuff and the skill aspect of the game," Gibson, who plays attack and is lining up for his third world titles, said.

"There's also the fitness thing because a game goes as long as a football match and it's really quick. You just run up and down the ground all day."

Men's lacrosse is a contact sport in which helmets and gloves are worn.  

Gibson started playing lacrosse when he was 14 - 16 years ago - after being introduced to it by his uncle, a former Australian player.

"I played football on Sunday and lacrosse on Saturday," Gibson said. "I kept up with lacrosse probably because of the novelty aspect."

Although he works hard maintaining his fitness - he trains or plays five days a week and works out on his off days - Gibson admits the captaincy has helped curb his fondness for parties and late nights.

"In the past I have been the guy who goes out to parties on Saturday night and then fronts up to play on the Sunday generally worse for wear," he said.

But with the titles four weeks away, socialising is the last thing on his mind.

Australia, which has one of its youngest line ups, finished third in the 1990 championships and will have to upset favourites US and Canada to improve on that placing.

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