Sporting Act of the Month / Year Award

Lacrosse Victoria
Lacrosse Victoria  

The Sporting Act of the Month / Year Award is returning in 2016. This award was commissioned last year to recognise the numerous acts of sportsmanship that occur around our grounds on a weekly basis.

The award will be presented at the Lacrosse Victoria Presentation Night to the individual, team or club for the act that most represents the spirit of sportsmanship. The award will carry a cash prize of $200 along with the recognition of the Lacrosse Community.

To support this initiative and ensure these acts of sportsmanship are not just recognised once a year, Lacrosse Victoria have also agreed to award $50 and a certificate to a monthly winner. The monthly winners will make up the finalist for the annual award.

The monthly winners will be judged from nominations received from Clubs and individuals throughout the month. All nominees during the month will be recognised on the LV Website along with the monthly winner.

This is a great opportunity for the lacrosse community to reward and recognise those acts of selfishness and sportsmanship that we observe on a regular basis and highlight the many positives of our great sport.

So let’s make sure that when you, or your members next see a player help an opponent off the ground, a coach reducing his player numbers to ensure a fair contest or a parent cheer on the efforts of an opposition player we find out about it.

Nominations can be made by clubs and individuals by emailing the Lacrosse Victoria office at stating the name of the individual, team or club and a brief description of the act of sportsmanship that would make them eligible for such an award.


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