Announcement: General Manager – Lacrosse Victoria

It is with regret that the Board of Lacrosse Victoria announce the resignation of General Manager, Rod Kimmitt. 

Rod joined Lacrosse Victoria almost 3 years ago, having moved across from Cricket Australia. Rod has been instrumental in a number of key achievements over the past 3 years and has shown an unwavering commitment to the sport of lacrosse, the lacrosse community and the LV Board. He has introduced a level of management, governance and professionalism that lacrosse in Victoria had not seen before.  The administration of the sport in Victoria is in a strong position, on account of Rod's work. 

Some key achievements over these past 3 years have been:

  • New funding and commitments in excess of $350,000
  • Streamlining of the office and administration functions
  • Supporting the establishment of the Wyndham Lacrosse Club
  • Overseeing of the By-Laws and Constitution being modernised and aligned
  • Introduction of a Competitions and Communications Officer with Lacrosse Victoria
  • The Recognition of lacrosse as a Tier 3 Sport, within School Sport Victoria
  • Development of the Quick Stix entry level lacrosse program
  • Partnership with Hume Council & Hockey Victoria to develop new Lacrosse/Hockey facility

We wish to thank Rod for all his hard work and commitment over these 3 years and wish him all the very best with his future endeavours.

Lacrosse Victoria will be advertising for the position of General Manager, Lacrosse Victoria. This will be done through an external recruitment firm, however all relevant details will be posted on the LV website and we encourage all suitable candidates to apply for the role.


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