SCSA Lacrosse Tournament

Junior Winners - Mater Christi
Junior Winners - Mater Christi  
Senior Winners - MSJ
Senior Winners - MSJ  

The Secondary Catholic Sports Association (SCSA) held their annual Lacrosse Tournament on Wednesday, October 8th at Paisley Park.  It was fantastic to see 170 girls from 7 different schools participate this year.

The Junior Tournament ended with an all Eastern Final.  Our Lady of Sion College (Box Hill) were up against the undefeated Mater Christi College (Belgrave).  Mater Christi proved too strong, winning their final 3 - 0.

The Senior Tournament finished with an enthralling game. Mount St. Joseph Girls' College and Presentation College, Windsor, were tied at full time with four goals each.  MSJ proved to be  superior in OT, as they scored first and were crowned the 2015 Champions.

Lacrosse Victoria would like to congratulate all of the girls who participated in the 2015 SCSA Lacrosse Tournament, as well as all of the volunteers, teachers and officials who ensured the Tournament was a huge success.  Special thanks to the Newport Ladies Lacrosse Club's Sue Sofarnos, who coordinated the event.

Final Results

Junior Tournament

1. Mater Christi A
2. Sion A
3. MSJ A
=4. Academy
=4. Mater Christi B
=5. MSJ B
=5. Sion B

Senior Tournament

1. MSJ
2. PCW A
=3. Academy
=3. Mater Christi A
5. Sion A
=6. Star of the Sea
=6. Sion B
=8. Mater Christi B
=8. Siena 
10. PCW B


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