Charity Begins at Home

How often have we heard this expression? I was reminded of it again the other day when a great supporter of our Victorian Lacrosse Foundation suggested…..

that the lacrosse community should consider donating to the Lacrosse Foundation for the next 12 months, instead of to all the other charities that chase us for donations via their professional fund raisers, who take a cut for themselves.

So what about doing just that, starting in June 2014?

Lacrosse Victoria Foundation

Instead of sending out the usual donations to charity in the next 12 months, tell all the various collectors that ring you, send you letters and knock on your door, that your donation is already spoken for this year.

Make your Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) donation supporting the Victorian Lacrosse Foundation using one of the following payment options. (For a tax deduction, via the ASF, make sure you complete and return the attached ASF Form to 31 Alta St, Canterbury, Vic 3126 )

1. By cheque, send completed ASF forms and cheque payable to the Australian Sports Foundation, to:

The Victorian Lacrosse Foundation
C/- 31 Alta Street, Canterbury, 3126
We will remit the cheque and completed form to the ASF on your behalf

2. If paying by credit card send the completed ASF form to
John Nolan, 31 Alta Street, Canterbury, 3126, who in turn will forward the completed form to the ASF on your behalf.

3. By EFT, remit your donation to the VLF bank account number 063 113 1091 7525. ( A tax deduction via the ASF is not available with this option at present.)

Download the Australian Sports Foundation Donation Form and begin donating now!

Read more information about the Victorian Lacrosse Foundation here.


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