Catch up with the Victorian U18 Girls' Captains

2014 Victorian U18 Girls' Team
2014 Victorian U18 Girls' Team  

The 2014 Victorian U18 Girls' Team travelled to Bendigo over the long weekend to take on the best of the best in the ALA U18 National Championships. Hear all about the team's ups and downs throughout the tournament straight from Rebecca Lane and Sasha Pollnitz, the Team Captains. 


Day 1:

Victoria started the Under 18s lacrosse tournament against a strong South Australia. After a nervous start Vics we're able to close the gap with SA leading by a couple of goals at half time. SA Reds came out firing after half time, dominating the centre draws and finishing the game with a 7 goal win.


SA 18 def. Vic 11

Audrey Fithall from Williamstown was awarded MVP.


Day 2:

Today we played our second game against Western Australia.

Coming out of a loss yesterday, we did a great job of coming back and playing to our strengths to come out with a 12 – 9 win.

During the first half we played great, strong defence and were able to hold them out and only let 3 goals in. Our attack followed our strong defence and allowed us to get ahead by half time with the score being 6 – 3.

The second half of the game tested our team. With a 3-goal lead we were able to maintain our lead, but were battled by Western Australia’s speedy fast breaks and strong centre possessions. Their determination fired them up to come back to only be one goal down in the second half.

With limited time left in the game we had no other choice but to dig deep and maintain our lead to win us the game. We were able to get quick centre possessions to control the end of the game and ensure our first win of the tournament.

Check out some great Highlights from the Vic’s big win on YouTube!


Vic 12 def. WA 9

MVP for Victoria was Rebecca Lane from Footscray.


Day 3:

Victoria finished the round against New Zealand, who competed as part of their preparation for the 2015 Under 19 World Cup. Victoria began their 3rd game well, taking a 3 goal lead into the second half. New Zealand put immense pressure on the home team during the second half with scores being level at one stage. The girls managed to keep their hope for the grand final alive by ending the game with a solid win.


Vic 9 def. NZ 7

MVP for Victoria was Stephanie Kelly from Footscray.

Day 4:

Today was our final match of the tournament. Although we were all disappointed that we weren’t playing in the gold medal game, we went into the match with the intention of playing it as if it was. We wanted to show the spectators a great game and wanted to prove how talented our team really is.

In the first half we played amazing. We went hard into every contest and won most of the centre possessions. Having the ball in our attacking third for the majority of the half, we had a lot of time to work for good, team goals. By half time we had a great lead; 8 – 0.

In the half time break we talked about how New Zealand would come out firing and that we needed to continue our momentum from the first half into the second. However, we couldn’t match their determination in the second half. They were determined to get back into the game, and they succeeded much to their credit with a few great centre possessions and fast break goals. However, we were able to hang on long enough to come out with our second win against them and the third for the tournament.

Although our result in the tournament was not what we had hoped for, as a team we are happy with our efforts throughout the weekend and our perseverance through some undesirable circumstances.



Vic 11 def. NZ 8

MVP for Victoria was Hannah Walker from Newport.

Check out some great photos of the Victorian U18 Team below!


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