ALA U15 Boys' National Tournament - Northern Warriors Team

2013 U15 Northern Warriors
2013 U15 Northern Warriors  

Sunday, 29 September to Saturday, 5 October at Barratt Reserve, Adelaide Shores, West Beach

Victoria has sent over three U15 Representative Teams to the ALA U15 Boys’ National Tournament – Northern Warriors, Southern Crosse & Western Metros. The Northern Warriors Team is made up of players from Bendigo, Eltham, Melbourne High, Moreland, and Surrey Park Lacrosse Clubs. Keep up to date with their progress through the tournament with the Diary Entries from the team members.


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Diary Entries – U15  Northern Warriors Team

From Giacomo Lytis and Liam Newland

Day 1:

We were nervous but excited at the same time about our first time at Nationals. We had to play 2 games today and lost both games. In between matches we had Subway while watching the Braves (WA) and Thunder (WA) play.

Day 2:

Today we played against western reds we lost 7 to 14. It was interesting because we got to play an inter-state team.  After our game we watched the braves play southern cross braves won by 1 point. When we got back to camp we went to the beach but it was to rough so we went to the pool to do cool down. When we got back to our cabins and all had our showers we had dinner and then told jokes.

Day 3:

Today we played Eastern Reds and were really pumped. We fought well, but we didn't end up the winners. When we got home we put on our bathers and went to the beach. It was FREEZING...

Day 4:

Today we played northen thunder it was a good game we played well and kept up with the number 1 side in the tournament. We did better than southern cross did when they played them, at half time. When we got home we got all organised then went to the freezing pool.

Northern Thunder (WA) 15 d Northern Warriors (Vic) 4
MVP Northern Thunder Lucas Koczwara
MVP Northern Warriors Mukund Boni

Day 5:

We played against our brother team the southern braves. We started off really well and were 3 all at quarter time, but after that they were in the lead for the rest of the game. After the game we went to the beach and did our cool down before we went to our bowling tournament against the braves which is a long running tradition, we lost that as well. Then for dinner we went to pizza hut for an all you can eat buffet with the braves.

Check out some awesome photos from the Northern Warriors vs Southern Braves!
Photos courtesy of Richard Keane from SA Sports Images

Day 6:

On day 6 our whole team went to paintball in Port Adelaide. It was really fun because I haven't even gone paintballing before. We had 20 minutes brakes in between games of which we played 3. It was really fun and would go back! Later that day back at the caravan park some people went to the beach.

Day 7:

The last day of tournament our team had a bye, but we still got up early to watch all the games. The Northen Thunder (WA) beat the Western Metros (VIC) by 1. It turned out to be a really tight game. After all the games finished we had the closing ceremony where they distributed the medals and trophies. That night all the teams went to the beach house, and we all had a great time.


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