Procedures for Permits where a men's team has a bye/walkover

2012 Western Metros U15 Boys
2012 Western Metros U15 Boys
Image © Western Metros Lacrosse Team  

A reminder re  the procedures to be followed where a men’s team wishes to drop players from a higher grade to a lower grade when the higher grad has a bye or walkover

Effective for the round of games on Saturday 13 July and for the remainder of the regular home and away season, any club wishing to transfer a player to a lower division men’s team (within their club), during the round in which the higher division team has either a BYE or Walkover may do so. A maximum of TWO players only can be played in the lower grade.

Clubs wishing to do so must notify Lacrosse Victoria – NO LATER than 12.00pm on the Monday immediately after the game. The names of the player(s) and the game in which they played must be emailed to the following address: 

The aim here is to allow for flexibility for clubs, coaches and players to select their team as they best see fit, whilst still complying with the relevant rules of intra club transfers. 

Please ensure that all your senior men's team coaches are aware of this rule as penalties will be applied for any players dropped that do not meet these rules


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