U15 Girl's Representative Teams Announced

Kassandra WIlliams
Kassandra WIlliams
Image © Anne Tattersall  

Congratulations to the girls who were selected in the U15 Fire & Ice Representative Teams and will compete in the U15 National Championships in Adelaide!


Basile, Olivia            - Newport
Campbell, Alexandra      - Chadstone
Comeadow, Taylah           - Williamstown
Croll, Madeline        - Malvern
Daley, Gina              - Williamstown
Dawe, Anika             - Footscray
Dyson, Lily                - Williamstown
Gemmell, Charlotte        - Williamstown
Goucher, Sarah             - Surrey Park
Hodges, Elisha             - Footscray
Hull, Rachel            - Chadstone
Jenney, Nina               - Newport
Keegan, Serena           - Fooyscray
Kelly, Stephanie       - Footscray
Kennedy, Grace             - Williamstown
Korevaar, Tia                 - Williamstown
MacGibbon, Paige              - Footscray
McAuliffe, Tayla              - Surrey Park
McHugh, Matilda           - Williamstown
McNamara, Abbie              - Surrey Park
Mowat, Kira                - Chadstone
Naylor, Tori                - Newport
O'Mahoney, Abbey             - Williamstown
Outen, Molly              - Williamstown
Pham, Jessica            - Eltham
Shaw, Kaitlin             - MCC
Smith, Samantha       - Footscray
Spracklan-Holl, Stella              - Newport
Stack, Matilda            - Williamstown
White, Jane                - Newport
Whittaker, Claude             - Newport
Williams, Kassandra        - Williamstown
McVeigh, Ally                 - Williamstown
Stewart, Kit                  - Chadstone
Head Coach   Team Coaches
Coleen Hunter   Danielle Lane
    Hayley Carlson




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