U16 Junior Boys Fixtures

U16 Junior Boys in Action
U16 Junior Boys in Action
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The U16 Junior Boy's fixtures for the first round are out now!

Next Saturday's (20th of April) games will be played as follows:

  • Malvern      v     Moreland-Eltham
  • MHS           v     Williamstown
  • Footscray   v     Camberwell
  • Altona         v     Chadstone
  • 9th team     v      Bye

Note that several of these teams also have players from other clubs, either as permit players, or in combined teams; the names used above are the names of the clubs managing the teams, except for MO-EL who have advised me of their team name.  

The reason for the "possible 9th_team" is to underscore that in this pre-season phase there's still a fair bit of moving around re teams in or out, sole-club and combined teams.  If there is a 9th team, they'll have the bye in Round 1.  Combined teams are being arranged by club junior coordinators; if players are uncertain which team they're playing with next Saturday, then they should contact their Coach.

Subsequent rounds will be fixtured as soon as practicable.


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