AGM - Season 2012

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Season 2012 was held on Friday, April 5th at the Sport House.

The meeting saw the 2013 Lacrosse Victoria Board elected, and the LV Board for 2013 is:

President: Tim Fry

Vice President: Susanna Mullner

Secretary: Danny Whitbourn

Director of Finance: Adam Holmes

Ordinary Director: John Morgan

Ordinary Director: Max Lee

Ordinary Director: Carolyn Bolton

Ordinary Director: Cliff Jennings

Ordinary Director: Julie Evans

Lacrosse Victoria welcomes the new Board and looks forward to it continuing on the path as laid down by the Strategic Plan and looks forward to continued support from the Lacrosse Clubs and Members.

A special welcome to Carolyn Bolton, who joined the Board last year as a non-voting member. She is someone new to the sport and has agreed to nominate as an elected member and provide valuable impartial views.

We also give a special welcome to Julie Evans, who has nominated to become an elected member. She is an ex-lacrosse player who has decided to return to the sport at an executive level and provide a fresh, outsider view.

We wish the LV Board every success and will offer our full support in their endavours to make the sport more INCLUSIVE, ACCESSIBLE and WELCOMING to the people of Victoria. 


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