Vacancy for Women's Umpire Allocation Officer

Get the Best Seat in the House! Become a women's lacrosse official today
Get the Best Seat in the House! Become a women's lacrosse official today
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The Women’s Umpire Advisory Group is seeking an allocations officer. This position is for someone who has experience in grading women’s umpires and is able to determine the best fit of allocations for the group of independent and neutral umpires.

The allocations officer ideally would undertake the functions listed below:

  • Allocate the independent and neutral umpires to games each week of the home and away season as well as the finals series in all applicable grades
  • Lead the neutral umpires group, by providing them direction as to where they are required each week. And being their contact person for any problems with allocations
  • Determine rankings of umpires based upon performance during the season to determine suitability to ensure the best umpire’s are allocated to the games as required
  • In the finals series they will ensure bench officials are also allocated

Potential candidates should advise the chair of the women’s umpire advisory group of their desire to undertake this important role. Ideally candidates are a person with no strong ties to any one club, as they are to act in an independent manner without bias.

Applications close Sunday, March 31, 2013.


Lacrosse Victoria Women’s Umpire Advisory Group
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