U12 and U14 Lightning Competition begins Apr 21


This format has been proposed as a way to provide a short 1-2 weeks of establishment games for entry-level U12 and U14 age-group teams. And as a way to get the season started and give a basis for grading U12s into 2-3 evenly matched divisions for the regular season. The general idea is to have a number of modified-format, quicker games in a carnival style, with enough teams at each venue so a viable mix of games can still be arranged without major re-drawing if one or two teams aren't able to make it, or extra teams are added.

Whilst these arrangements have been designed to cover everything needed, clubs should use their own wisdom and judgment too in how these days are run. Alterations to the schedule and format can be worked out by participating clubs if they'll work better than what's written down here.

Host clubs will also be contacted directly in the next week or so to confirm they are willing to host and run the assigned rounds, and to provide a contact person to be the event contact for their Lightning Games round.

Please note that these 'Lightning Games' are not to be confused with the 'Lightning Carnival' to be held at the end of the season. These are similar events, but different.

Download the U12 and U14 Lightning Games 2012 information pack.

Under 14's

U14's have 10 teams entered, and will play one week of lightning games on 21-Apr at single venue, Camberwell Lacrosse Club, Dorothy Laver Reserve West, using 4 or 5 fields in similar ground arrangement to last season's U12 Lightning Carnival. Schedule of games for each venue is in the accompanying spreadsheet.

A schedule has been drawn up for 5 grounds; if only 4 are available, 'Ground 5' games will become byes (that's why everyone has a game on 'Ground 5'); clubs will be advised on this before the day. U14 regular season games will commence on 28-Apr; note that U14 fixtures will be updated shortly on SportingPulse to accommodate Caulfield U14 team entry.

Under 12's

U12's have 21 teams entered at the moment, they will play two Saturdays (21-Apr, 28-Apr) in 4 regional groups: West, Central 1, Central 2, North-East. The host clubs for week one will be Footscray, MCC, Chadstone, Moreland; week two will be at Williamstown, Malvern, Caulfield, Surrey Park. For these two weeks, the teams from the west (Altona, Footscray, Williamstown) will play in the west, teams from the north-east (Eltham, Moreland, Surrey Park), along with one "Central" team each week, will play in the north-east, and the central teams will play in two central venues.

Schedule of games for each venue is in the accompanying spreadsheet. Each venue has 4 rounds of matches, so each team gets to play as many as possible of the other teams at their venue as can be managed in 9:30-11:00 time window. In this schedule, teams from the same club don't play against each other, although that could change if, for example, 4 teams turn up to a venue instead of the 5-6. U12 regular season will commence on 5-May; fixtures will be available before or after the 28-Apr weekend, will follow the same style as last year's U12 divisions.


Important Information for all teams

  • Games are to commence at 9.30AM sharp, and finish by 10:45AM for U12s and 11:30AM for U14s.
  • Details of format can be varied by hosting/participating clubs.
  • Each venue only has one age-group playing, so start-finish times can be flexible to fit the formats at each venue.
  • A number of short games in round-robin format, depending on time.
  • Need to be flexible, allow for possibility of some teams giving walkovers.
  • Reduced size grounds where appropriate so all games fit in same area. (For these games there is no set rules as to what exact size grounds are to be used, but commonsense should be used)
  • Single central horn to start-finish games (If possible, otherwise games need to be prompt on starting and finishing on time)
  • Fixture of games in usual format on SportingPulse, although actual games played may be varied on the day depending on teams in attendance.
  • Standard scoresheet to be used; standard procedures apply for results to be entered on SportingPulse, scoresheet sent in to LV; one ground report form per team suffices, to be filled in for first game of the day for each team; referee payments will be for the day, not per game.
  • If there are games played which do not appear on SportingPulse, club officials will need to contact Sandra and Mike, in the following 24 hours to arrange for games to be added to SportingPulse so results can be entered:
    • Sandra Hecker (administrator@lacrossevictoria.com.au),
    • Michael Naughton (naughton249@gmail.com)
  • Under 12 Bonus point rule for senior teams will not be awarded until the normal season is under way as per the usual system of previous seasons.


All rules are the same as the normal season for both age grades except for the following adjustments:

  • No faceoffs; return to middle after each score, team scored against starts with possession.
  • Players start on defensive side of centre; no offside rule to apply.
  • One pass needed for 'shot to be on' in forward half for both U12 and U14.
  • Two 6-min halves, no timeouts, 3 min break at ½ time, 5 min changeover between games.

Questions, Problems or for further details - contact below:

Michael Naughton
Competitions Committee
0430 422 420

Josh Anderson
Junior Sub-­‐Committee
0404 517 960

Download the U12 and U14 Lightning Games 2012 information pack.


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