U13 Boys Western Establishment Round

The Establishment Round format has traditionally been used to provide the opportunity for all U13 Boys to participate in a four game mini-tournament to start the season.  This round also ensures that every team is able to play and removes the risk of teams forfeiting.

The fixture for the Establishment Round can be found here.

Teams participating in the Western Establishment Round are:

Melbourne University


  • Games will start at 9:00 am and finish by 11:00 am.
  • A single central horn will be used for all games, ensuring that they run together.
  • If games are played that don’t match up with Sporting Pulse, contact River atcompetitions.officer@lacrossevictoria.com.au, and the fixture will be adjusted to reflect the changes.
  • Reduceed size grounds where appropriate so all games fit in same area. (For these games there are no set rules as to what exact size grounds are to be used, but common sense should be used).  Playing numbers may also need to be reduced; this is at the discretion of the teams.
  • Standard scoresheet to be used; standard procedures apply for results to be entered on Sporting Pulse, scoresheet sent in to LV; one ground report form per team suffices, to be filled in for first game of the day for each team; referee payments will be for the day, not per game.


  • All rules are the same as the normal season, except for the following adjustments:
    • No face-offs, return to middle after each score, team scored against starts with possession.
    • Players start on defensive side of centre, no offside rule to apply.
    • One pass in forward half required for the shot to be ‘on’.
    • Two 10 minute halves, 4 minute half time break and 6 minutes between games.

Location: P.J. Lynch Reserve, Altona Lacrosse Club

-37.84140569154276,144.8563956255249,14|U13 Boys Western Establishment Round|P.J. Lynch Reserve, Altona Lacrosse Club


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