Australian Masters Games

Australian Masters Games Geelong

Lacrosse has been accepted as a sport in the 2013 Australian Masters Games which will be held in Geelong from October 5 -12. The venue for the competition will be in the campus of Deakin University at Waurn Ponds. Competition days are: Thusday 10th , Friday 11th and Finals day Saturday 12th October.

It is proposed that we will have a number of different competitions available to suit the style and competitiveness of all who would like to compete, the following are suggestions of the different competitions and the eventual styles will be determined by the entries accepted.

• Women aged 30+ ,  full stick checking rules
• Women aged 30+,  Modcrosse rules
• Mixed teams, Women aged 30+, Men aged 40+, Modcrosse rules
• Men aged 40+, Modcrosse rules
• Men aged 35 – 45 Limited stick / body contact ( under 14 boy’s rules ).

Depending on numbers and team entries, it is expected teams will consist of  8 a side  on the ground and up to 6 substitutes, coach, manager and team scorer. A minimum of 4 teams will need to be entered in any particular style to form a competition in the Games. 

Clubs or groups are encouraged to enter teams in their desired competition, or individuals will be able to register and be included into teams all ready entered. It is hoped that we will have entries from other lacrosse playing states, willing to join in the celebration of the Masters Games.

It is to be pointed out that the objective of this event is to encourage as many Senior aged players to re-engage in the sport of lacrosse in a friendly, safe and healthy pursuit of  physical activity. It will also be an opportunity to catch up with old friends and foes of past years and a chance to make new acquaintances and build new friendships.

Registration and payment for participation will be through the Australian Masters Games website at , which will consist of a $115 AMG Registration fee and a lacrosse sports fee of $50 which will cover all costs and playing shirt.

Gold, silver and bronze medals will be presented on the Finals day, Saturday October 12 in each competition conducted.

For more information about the Australian Masters Games please contact Paul Clough at or in the office on Ph: (03) 9926 1390
You can also visit

Location: Deakin University, Waurne Ponds

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