FIL Women's World Cup 2013

When:2013 WWC AUS won Bronze - Hugging

  • Wedensday, July 10th - Saturday, 20th 2013


  • Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

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Costs: $5 per game or $75 for all games

Final Standings

#1 USA 2013 WWC Winner USA
#2 CAN
#3 AUS
#4 ENG
#5 WAL
#6 SCO
#7 HAU
#8 ISR
#9 JPN
#10 IRL
#11 NZL
#12 GER

ALL-World Team

Attack:2013 WWC ALL-World Team

Katrina Dowd - USA        
Lindsey Munday - USA    
Katie Rowan - USA          
Dana Dobbie - CAN     

Laura Merriefield - ENG
Hannah Nielsen - AUS
Sara Albrecht - USA
Stacey Morlang - AUS

Amber Falcone - USA       
Katie Guy - USA
Alicia Wickens - AUS

Devon Wills - USA 

Jen Adams Receives Team Award2013 WWC - Loyola Girls

Jen Adams was also honored at last night's banquet with Australia's team award
"The heart of lacrosse is not what you do, it is the inner passion that binds minds to spirits. Jen's journey for the Australian campaign has been one that saw... her dealt a personal setback with devastating results. The courage and strength she has shown has not only inspired Australia as a team, but has shown what team really is. Jen is a true woman of wisdom and has an incredible sense of team." - Team Australia
Watch an interview of some of our Aussie girls who have just played against Canada:


Day 11 - 21st July

A few sore heads this morning and it was a slow start for some. 2013 WWC AUS picking up Bronze medalsThe team spent time today at a bar & restaurant called Shoeless Joes which is not far from our accommodation. We had our last team meeting, which was a nice way to end our journey. It consisted of thanking all those who made this team possible. You know who you are but again a huge thank you for everything!! Now is also a good opportunity to again thank those who made the trip all the way to Canada to support us. Seeing you in the stands and hearing your support during games is greatly appreciated. Thanks to everyone back home sharing the love to the entire team. Thanks for watching our games online & thanks for posting on our facebook page! We really loved all the support! It means a lot to all of us!! As of now players are leaving with family/friends and are headed home or on a much needed holiday!!! Safe travels to everyone. By Sarah Mollison


Day 10 - 20th July

Bronze Medal Game: AUS 12 def. ENG 6 (MVP: Marlee Paton)2013 WWC AUS v ENG - Bronze game M.Paton

A late report but as you all know yesterday we2013 WWC Team chat at bench won bronze with a great win against England, the team then headed straight to beer garden (in true Australian style) . Last night we celebrated ...together at the banquet with some of our players receiving awards: Sue McSolvin received an award for playing in 6 world cups, she then received the players award for spirit.. Jen Adams received our team award that brought most to tears - she was overwhelmed when 500 people giving her a standing cheer. Hannah Nielsen Stacey Morlang Alicia Moodie were named in all world team ... Well done girls ... Most of all I would like to finish this post by saying it has been a privilege to play in this amazing Australian team. I am proud of every individual, the journey has been up and down but together we have shown strength and determination. We will always be connected ... By Courtney Hobbs

Gold medal Game: USA 19 def. CAN 5 (MVP: Katie Rowan)

5th place Game: WAL 8 def. SCO 4
7th place Game: HAU 1 def. ISR 0 (forfeit)2013 WWC AUS v ENG, S.Morlang
9th place Game: JPN 25 def. IRL 4
11th place: NZL
12th place Game: GER 14 def. AUT 6


2013 WWC Team Cheer

Day 9 - 19th July2013 WWC AUS v CAN lined up

Semi-final: #2 CAN 11 def. #3 AUS 7 (MVP: Katie Donohoe)

Hi Aussie supporters! Another tough day at the office today which saw us lose the semi to Canada 11-7. Although we are disappointed at the loss, we have a huge game tomorrow against England for the... bronze medal. We are all very positive and will show you the Aussie spirit we all have in us. Thanks for all your support, it has been amazing both from here and from back home. We finished the day with a nice meal in our cell block and a great movie (Pitch perfect)which has kept our spirits high. By Sue McSolvin

Asked by FIL Max Madonia was talking about 2013 WWC - AUS singing anthemthe loss to Canada in the semi-final:
With the loss, Australia fell to 2-3 overall and will play England in the bronze medal match. It is the first time since 1993 that the Australians have not be...en in the gold medal game. Coach Max Madonia cited poor shot selection and failure to adjust to Canada’s zone defense in the loss, as well as the emotional impact of losing star attacker Jen Adams to a torn ACL just before the tournament. “Jen is just an entity outside of everything. The residual of that loss is still here today. Is that an excuse? Absolutely not. It’s not about one person. Our inability to connect through the spine of the field, our stick skills and our shooting weren’t on point,” Madonia said. “I’m really sad for the girls. But it is what it is. All I can do is try to win the bronze medal tomorrow.” - See more at: WWC AUS v CAN, S.Morlang


Semi-final: #1 USA 21 def. #4 ENG 8 (MVP: Gina Oliver)

Diamond Bracket:

GER 21 def. NED 2 (MVP: Tessa Helf - GER)
NZL 20 def. AUT 5 (MVP: Sarah Butler - NZL)
WAL 15 def. HAU 14 (MVP: Laura Warren - WAL)
SCO 9 def. ISR 7 (MVP: Alisa Stott - SCO)
HKG 15 def. SWE 5 (MVP: Keiko Muramatsu - HKG)
KOR 7 def. LAT 5 (MVP: Yuri Cho - KOR)


Day 8 - 18th July2013 WWC AUS v SCO, A.Wickens

#3 AUS  26  def.  #11 SCO  2  (MVP: Sarah Mollison - AUS)

Hey awesome aussie supporters! Sorry for the late post.. always a long day when an 8pm game is on.. Last one though! Not an overly exciting day for us but a great night. After a really really long day just relaxing/hanging out/eating in our... dorms we managed to pull out an easy win against Scotland 26-2 (Sarah Mollison with a huge 9 points and MVP!) which means we now advance to the semi final vs Canada at 2pm tomorrow. Stay tuned for the big match! Here is today's media.. please note I'm no Melissa Williams when it comes to videography - still an amateur ;)


Go to our Facebook site for today's video diary!

#1 USA 20 def. #8 HAU 1 (MVP: Katie Rowan)
#2 CAN 17 def. #10 ISR  5 (MVP: Mandy Friend)2013 WWC Girls prepare for SCO
#4 ENG 10 def. #5 WAL 0 (MVP: Emily Gray)

Diamond Bracket:

GER 18 def. FIN  3 (MVP: Mareille Kriwall - GER)
KOR 22 def. HKG 8 (MVP: Eunah Choi - KOR)
JPN 23 def. NZL  4 (MVP: Saori Hieda - JPN)
IRL 10 def. AUT 4 (MVP: Kaitlin Billups - IRL)
LAT 10  def. SWE 6 (MVP: Valerija Druzjaka - LAT)


Day 7 - 17th July

This World Cup schedule has been VERY kind to us Aussies. We have yet to play back to back games and today was yet another rest day. After a morning team meeting to recap yesterday's game, we had free time... to spend with our family and friends. Players enjoyed down time, some took a trip to Niagra Falls, and some into Toronto. For dinner, the McLeod clan generously offered to have the team over to 2013 WWC - Group photo at Rest Day, 18th Julytheir mansion for us to hang out together and to have a relaxing meal as a team - thank you so much again! With only a few days left in the tournament it is great to spend time together as a team away from the field and out of the dorms! We also learned today that we will play Scotland tomorrow in our crossover game after they scraped by Japan by a goal. We are all looking forward to getting back on the field to start championship play!!
Can't wait to hear all the fans tomorrow- it really does give us such a lift to hear all your support!! Thanks again and go Aussies!! By Hannah Nielsen

#8 HAU  19  def.  #9 IRL  3  (MVP: Dawn Easley - HAU)
#5 WAL  21  def.  #12 AUT 0  (MVP: Sophy Coombes- Roberts - WAL)
#11 SCO 13  def.  #6 JPN  12  (MVP: Julia Paterson - SCO)
#10 ISR  12  def.  #7 NZL  9  (MVP: Alison Curwin - ISR)

Diamond Bracket:

NED  11  def.  FIN  10  (MVP: Sarah Sweerts de Landas Wyborgh - NED)
KOR  23  def.  SWE  7  (MVP: Grace Son - KOR)2013 WWC Staff is discussing strategy
LAT  12  def.  HKG  11, 2OT  (MVP: Evija Rozite - LAT)


Day 6 - 16th July

AUS  11  def.  ENG  6  (MVP: Stacey Morlang - AUS)

Hey awesome Aussie supporters! Since we forgot yesterday I am going to recap both days in today's post! Yesterday we all knew we had a big job to do and needed to take care of the p...oms to put ourselves in a good position for the rest of the tournament. After another long day of waiting we finally got that chance and came out firing at game time. It's always fun and exciting to play England because of the big rivalries our 2 countries naturally have and yesterday's game was another tough battle between us. We got the result we wanted and can't thank all our awesome fans in the stands enough for your incredible support and for matching all the pommies sing-a-longs! By Hannah Nielsen2013 WWC 17th July, Ice Baths

USA  13  def.  CAN  2  (MVP: Amber Falcone - USA)
JPN 12  def.  ISR  11  in OT  (MVP: Yuko Kobori - JPN)
GER  18  def.  IRL  6  (MVP: Laura Koschorek - GER)
SCO  22  def.  KOR  2  (MVP: Olivia Grant - SCO)
NZL  20  def.  NED  2  (MVP: Sarah Butler - NZL)
FIN  6  def.  LAT  4  (MVP: Laura Jamsen - FIN)
HAU  22  def.  AUT  2  (MVP: Dana Issacs - HAU)
HKG  11  def.  SWE  8  (MVP: Keiko Matsumara - HKG)


Day 5 - 15th July

ISR  19  def.  HKG  4  (MVP: Jenna Block - ISR)

Hello Aussie Supporters! We have had a great2013 WWC Aussie Girls day off rest day today. We started our day with a group training session, followed by some free time - some spent time with family, others went shopping! We enjoyed an awesome dinner together and topped it off by going to the movies to see The Heat- lots of laughs. Looking forward to having your support for tomorrow's game! Go Aussies! By Abby Burgess


Day 4 - 14th July

USA  18  def. AUS  9  (MVP: Lindsay Mundy - USA)

Hey hey you awesome Aussie supporters!! 2013 WWC AUS v USA
We had a hard day at the office today losing to the US but we backed it up with an awesome dinner with all our supporters.
We are super excited to take on England on Tuesday and know we can finish where we always intended.
Thanks so much for a the support. We love hearing about all the crew at home watching and cheering for us. Keep up the awesome posts and love!!! By Stacey Morlang

IRL  13  def.  FIN  9  (MVP: Sinikka Ijas - FIN)
SCO  8  def.  NZL  3  (MVP: Susan Clark - SCO)
ISR  19  def.  KOR  2  (MVP: Yuri Cho - KOR)
CAN  18  def.  WAL  5  (MVP: Crysti Foote - CAN)
AUT  15  def.  HKG  6  (MVP: Daniela Zlobl - AUT)
NED  9  def.  LAT  5  (MVP: Mieke den Bakker - NED)
HAU  16  def.  GER  9  (MVP: Amber Hill - HAU)
JPN  23  def.  SWE  0 (MVP: Mai Kemmochi - JPN)


Day 3 - 13th July

After an early breakfast and team meeting we 2013 WWC Aussies watching CAN v ENGheaded over to the practice field for a sharp and focused training session. Being a rest day we had some time to spend with our family and friends. Some chose to head into Toronto and see the sights, others went shopping or had some down time at the accommodation. We regrouped in the afternoon and headed out to watch the 7pm game Canada 11 V England 6. 
Feeling Positive, focused and ready for our day 5 game against the USA. By Alicia Wickens

NED 10 def. FIN 9 (MVP: Evelien von Ingen - NED)
AUT 12 def. SWE 5 (MVP: Isabelle Schimek - AUT)
JPN 15 def. HAU 11
SCO 14 def. GER 10 (MVP: Alisa Stott - SCO)
KOR 18 def. LAT 5
NZL 13 def. IRL 4 (MVP: Natalie Russell - NZL)
USA 19 def. WAL 2
CAN 11 def. ENG 6

For game reports follow the FIL link:


Day 2 - 12th July

CAN  12  def.  AUS  11  (MVP: Katie Guy - CAN)

So today we relaxed and had free time in 2013 WWC AUS v CAN, M.Patonpreparation for our night game. We had a great warm up and it was great to see the sea of yellow up in the stands as we sung our national anthem before the game began. Despite going down by 1 goal in the last few minutes, we played a tough and strong game, the Canadians can have the win for the game that doesn't matter. We're pumped and ready to continue on in the tournament, they haven't seen the best of us yet. It was also the might Mac's birthday today so we had balloons and smiles in the corridors. By Steph McNamara 
IRL 16 def. NED 5 (MVP: Carolyn Peters - IRL)
HAU 25 def. HKG 0
FIN 11 def. SWE 4
ISR 15 def. SCO 6
GER 19 def. KOR 2 (MVP: Anna Blank - GER)
JPN 23 def. AUT 2
NZL 25 def. LAT 3 (MVP: Katie Knaus - NZL)
ENG 9 def. WAL 4 (MVP: Laura Merrifield - ENG)

For Game reports follow the link to the FIL website:


Day 1 - 11th July

AUS  11  def.  WAL  4    (MVP: Marlee Paton - AUS)2013 WWC 1.Game AUS v WAL, MVP - M.Paton

Today we had our first game of the World Cup against Wales, it was a beautiful sunny day and it was great to see our supporters out in the green and gold!! The game was a great first game for us all get into the rhythm and flow, we connected well and everyone had fun!
The score was AUS 11 - Wales 4, with Marlee getting MVP of the game! After the game we jumped into the ice baths and then headed back to our accommodation for debrief, showers and dinner.
The night finished off with all of us heading back to the ground to watch the US vs. Eng game on a beautiful balmy night with the US dominating the game. All in all a busy day, and we are pumped and ready for our game tomorrow against Canada at 8pm. Go Aussies!! By Lyndsey Paton

Download AUS Game Stats here!

USA  17   def.  ENG  7  (MVP: Allyson Carey - USA)
SCO  20  def.  NED  2  (MVP: Julia Paterson - SCO)
JPN   31  def.  HKG  2  (MVP: Ryoko Ikura - JPN)
HAU  28  def.  SWE  1  (MVP: Naomi Walser - HAU)
ISR  15    def.  GER  6  (MVP: Lauren Dystra - ISR)
IRL  16    def.  LAT   5 (MVP: Claire Halliday - IRL)
NZL  19   def.  FIN    3  (MVP: Tori Lelo - NZL)
AUT  8    def.  KOR  5

For game reports follow the link to the FIL website:

Training Camp in Baltimore

Day 1 - Under Armour Headquarters by Trish Adams

At Day 1 of the Girls' pre-world cup training camp in Baltimore they had been lucky to spend the day at Under Armour Headquarters. It was an amazing opportunity for the girls to see what's behind the UA brand. They treated them to lunch, a workout & the girls got their Aussie uniforms.

 2013 Aussie Women get Uniform2013 Aussie Women taking a ride

Day 3 - Ice Baths by Kristen Stone

Day 3 saw the girls starting with a great training session at the farm. Before enjoing some free time they had ice baths back in the tubs at the residence inn. After a bit of recovery the girls enjoyed the sights, the shops and some quality time with each other.

Day 4 - Autograph Session at Towson University by Sonia LaMonica

After a solid training at day 4 the girls headed down to Towson University for some autograph signing at the Under Armour All-American Games. Unfortunately Captain Jen Adams has torn her ACL and won't be able to play at the tournament. But she is commited and the girls are all rallying around her and continuing on their quest for Gold.

2013 Aussie Women signing autographs at UA All-American Games2013 Aussie Women UA All-American Games

Day 5 - Bikram Lacrosse at Loyola by Bec Banyard

At Day 5 the girls were based at Loyola in the morning, on the hot turf for some bikram lacrosse. Stey started with a training and moved right into a game against a mixed team of college players from the area. Our girls won 13-10. In the evening they headed out for team dinner at the Plantholt's. A lovely evening with heaps of delicious food.

Day 6 - Dealing with the Uncontrollables by Cassie Cursaro

Interesting day for the Aussies! Here's the play by play from today's action:

  • Boarded the plane for 10mins in Baltimore before returning to terminal due to thunderstorms in Toronto
  • Short window of opportunity to fly to Toronto on our 30 seater propeller plane
  • In arrival into Toronto sat on the tarmac with torrential downpour and a red alert for lightning
  • In the clear for a few minutes half the team got off the plane
  • 10 minutes later finally all were allowed to de-board
  • 7 min walk through the airport to discover half luggage is still in Baltimore
  • Airport full, limited food, Toronto and surrounding areas supposedly flooding
  • Bus nowhere to be found for a few hours
  • At this point last meals (excluding the loads of candy and junk) consumed was roughly 2pm
  • 11:15 pm - cream cheese bagels care of Scotty
  • Shared bus ride with team Japan - with a driver with no idea where to go
  • 70 point turn through and over what the driver described as a 'big' round about...
  • After 30 minutes in the car park we arrive at wrong dorms
  • Another miraculous bus driving stunt up the wrong way and another multiple point turn
  • Long corridor walk to our rooms to find that no swipe keys are working
  • Arrival into room 145am on the Tuesday the 9th

2013 WWC Aussies in Kangaroo outfit2013 WWC - suitcases

Day 7: Finally in Canada!! by Marlee Paton

Today was a much more relaxing day then yesterday's travels! We woke up at Durham University and had breakfast in the dining hall! Following that we all took a team trip to wal mart to stock up on the necessities and some arts and crafts! We came back and hit up the gym for a light sweat session because our bags were still missing which meant our scrimmage was cancelled against England! But being Aussies we made the best of our situation and kept busy and in good spirits! We are all making out buddy posters now and relaxing and decorating the hallway with every thing Green and gold! And the good news is most of us got our bags back!! (Sorry Kate!!) can't wait for tomorrow and our opening ceremony!

2013 WWC - Girls enjoying lunch2013 WWC Girls making buddy posters

Day 8: LET THE GAMES BEGIN! by Tess McLeod
We had the opening ceremony today! There is something very special about walking out with your team, behind the Australian flag and wearing the Aussie coat of arms on your chest. It was good to see all the other teams in their colours and traditional dress and feel that this event is now truly underway.
We had a good training session this morning, so feel ready for our first game tomorrow against Wales. I think we are all excited to just get out there and play!
Many of us enjoyed seeing friends and family at the ceremony & we are looking forward to the mass of green and gold growing in the stands, as more of the loyal supporters group arrive throughout the week.
Thanks for the encouragement we are getting on here too, from home & all over the world! We really appreciate it - keep it coming :)

2013 WWC Opening Ceremony2013 Women World Cup - Aussie Team

Thanks to the Girls and the Australian Women's Lacrosse Supporter Group for the photos and stories about the World Cup!!

Tournament Pools2013 Aussie Women having Ice Bath

Pool A

Pool B

Pool C

Pool D

United States
New Zealand
Hong Kong


Aussie Team

Lacrosse Victoria is very proud to announce the 7 Victorian players and 1 alternate that will represent Australia in the FIL Women's World Cup 2013  11th - 20th July in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

The Australian National Team:2013 Aussie Women Team dinner
#1     Abbie Burgess            VIC -  Midfield
#2     Courtney Hobbs          SA -   Midfield
#3     Rebecca Banyard       WA -  Defense
#5     Isabelle Pickett             SA -    Midfield 
#6     Marlee Paton                VIC -  Midfield
#7     Jen Adams (injured)    SA  -  Attack
#8     Hannah Nielsen           SA -    Midfield
#9     Sarah Mollison             VIC -   Midfield
#11   Sonia LaMonica          SA -   Attack
#13   Karen Morton               SA -    Midfield 
#14   Sue McSolvin               VIC -  Goal Keeper
#15    Alicia Wickens            NSW -  Defense
#16   Tess McLeod               SA -   Defense2013 WWC - Team Huddle
#18   Elizabaeth Hinkes       WA -  Goal Keeper
#19   Stephanie McNamara  VIC -  Defense
#21   Stacey Morlang            VIC -  Midfield
#22   Lyndsey Paton             VIC -   Midfield
#28    Kristen Stone               VIC -   Defense
#        Cassandra Cursario     SA -    Attack
Max Madonia           -      Head Coach
Trish Adams             -      Assistant Coach
Miachael LaMonica  -      Assistant Coach
Kate Simpson           -      Manager
Meg Barnet               -     Team Doctor
Scott Smith               -      Physio Therapist
Melissa Williams       -      Photographer


Support your favorite players on Team Australia when they compete in the 2013 Women World Cup in Canada. Buy Aussie Fan T-shirts here:



Tickets can be bought at the official tournament website:
  • 10 Day Event Passes are $75 each (this grants you access to every game of the tournament)

 2013 WWC - AUS Supporters

Schedule of Play

Friday, July 19th



Saturday, July 20th

FIELD 1 FIELD 5    Field 1 Field 5 
09:00 NED v GER 10:00 (20) 11th place: AUT v NZL   10:00 5th place:  WCSF1 v WCSF2 09:00 7th place: LCSF1 v LCSF2
11:30 SF1: USA v ENG 12:30 CSF1: HAU v WAL   12:30 Bronze Game: LSF1 v LSF2 11:30 Pool X Winner v L20
14:00 SF2: AUS v CAN 15:00 CSF2: ISR v SCO   15:00 Gold Game: WSF1 v WSF2 TBC Pool Y Winner v 3rd in Pool X
16:30 SWE v HKG 17:30 KOR v LAT      
20:00 9th place: IRL v JPN






Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

43.8970929,-78.8657912,5|FIL Women's World Cup 2013|Oshawa, Ontario, Canada


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