Down Under Cup 2012

The Down Under Cup is held every year in Melbourne, Australia. The tournament was originally created by Lacrosse Victoria to give its women's players an opportunity to compete in an international tournament.  Given the success of the event, a Men's Competition was included In 2008.

The tournament is one that fosters international goodwill and friendship, as well as promoting the game of lacrosse.

Lacrosse Victoria is pleased to host the 2012 Down Under Cup, in Melbourne. The event will be conducted by Footscray Lacrosse Club between 1 June to 4 June 2012.


  1. Victoria Senior Squad Green
  2. Victoria Senior Squad Gold
  3. U18 Victorian Men's Team
  4. Japan - U20 Kansai Youth Team (combined universities in Osaka area)
  5. USA - Athletes International (combined NCAA college players)

2 games per day per team. (one bye per team)


  1. Australian 2013 Squad Green
  2. Australian 2013 Squad Gold
  3. U18 Victorian Women's Team
  4. Japan - Kansai University Team TBC
  5. USA - Athletes International (combined NCAA college players)
  6. USA - Cartage College
  7. New Zealand 2013 Squad Black
  8. New Zealand 2013 Squad White

If you would like to see some quality lacrosse played, make sure you are there!
Cheer on the Women's Aussie Squad teams for 2013 and support the Victorian Under 18 teams as they fine tune ready for the Championships in Adelaide later in the year.

Come and check out the new lit playing fields out at Footscray and support the club in their venture of lighting up the grounds.

Game played all day between 10am - 9pm

Tournament fixture can be found by clicking here and the tournament flyer here




Team Team Ground Time Ground Team Team
Friday 1st June
Men Women
10.00am Japan vs Australia green
10.00am USA vs Carthage College
Japan vs USA 10.30am NZ black vs NZ white
11.30am Australia gold vs U18 Victoria
2.30pm Japan vs Carthage College
2.30pm NZ white vs U18 Victoria
4.00pm NZ Black vs Australia green
5.30pm Australia gold vs USA
Victoria green vs Japan 6.00pm
Tournament Welcome 7.20pm Tournament Welcome
Victoria gold vs USA 7.45pm

Saturday 2nd June
Men Women
9.30am Japan vs Australia gold
10.30am NZ white vs USA
11.00am Australia green vs Carthage College
12.00pm NZ black vs U18 Victoria
Victoria gold vs U18 Victoria 12.30pm
2.00pm NZ white vs Japan
Victoria green vs USA 2.15pm
3.00pm NZ black vs Carthage College
4.00pm U18 Victoria vs USA
5.30pm Australia green vs Australia gold
Victoria gold vs Japan 6.00pm
USA vs U18 Victoria 7.30pm

Sunday 3rd June
Men Women
Exhibition Game 8.30am NZ black vs USA
Japan vs U19 Aust Team (Vic group) 9.00am
10.30am U18 Victoria vs Japan
11.00am Australia green vs NZ white
12.30pm Carthage College vs Australia gold
U18 Victoria vs Victoria green 2.30pm NZ black vs Japan
4.00pm Carthage College vs U18 Victoria
4.00pm Australia gold vs NZ white
6.00pm USA vs Australia green
U18 Victoria vs Japan 6.30pm
Victoria green vs Victoria gold 8.00pm

Monday 4th June NOTE: Playoff games involving NZ teams will be changed to 12.30pm start
Men Women
8.30am NZ white vs Carthage College
9.30am U18 Victoria vs Australia green
Japan vs TBA (Exhibition game) 10.00am NZ black vs Australia gold
10.30am USA vs Japan
12.30pm 7th vs 8th
2.00pm 5th vs 6th
2.30pm 3rd vs 4th
4.00pm Gold Medal 1st vs 2nd
3rd vs 4th 4.30pm
Gold Medal 1st vs 2nd 6.00pm

Location: Footscray Lacrosse Club

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