ALRA Club Accreditation Eastern


  • Any player who intends to run as a club referee in 2012
  • Anyone who was accredited in 2010 - accreditation was for 2 years only
  • Anyone who was accredited in 2011 - there have been significant rule changes which must be reviewed and tested.
  • Eastern side - Wednesday 9 May, commencing at 7.30 pm.

                            Monash University Caulfield Campus

                           S2.30 theatre is located on the second level of S Building.

The building can be accessed either from street level from Sir John Monash Drive, and then up the lift to the second floor.  Alternatively on the eastern side of the building there are external stairs which lead up to the second level, and the theatre is just through the glass doors, and then turn left.  If in doubt ask / locate security which is located on the ground floor of Building B, just under the walkway from Queens Avenue 

More info' can be found here

Location: Monash University, Caulfield

-37.8771348,145.0427246,17|ALRA Club Accreditation Eastern|Monash University, Caulfield


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