Because your Donation can make the difference.

Just as your playing lacrosse can make a difference to your life in terms of the lifelong friendships, great fun, and good health that you experience, your donation to the Foundation can also make a difference to the survival and ultimate growth of the sport here in Victoria.

The Victorian Lacrosse Foundation was established in 1999 for the purpose of establishing a permanent Fund to be used in support men’s and women’s lacrosse in Victoria.  The Fund operates as an independent non-profit organisation in support of Lacrosse Victoria.

The initial fund raising target is $1.0m with the structure designed to maintain the capital intact at $1.0m, and spend the interest generated in support of lacrosse in Victoria.

The Foundation is backed by a legally constituted Trust Deed and has its accounts audited annually.

The Foundation is currently providing support to the “Quick - Stix” program in line with its stated purpose of supporting approved projects in the areas of:

  • Juniors development
  • Publicity and promotion
  • Strong Administration

Donations to the Victorian Lacrosse Foundation made through the Australian Sports Foundation are tax deductible. (Refer to the ASF portal here)

Cheques payable to the Victorian Lacrosse Foundation can be sent to Mr Fergus Stewart – 36 Alta St Canterbury Vic 3126, with phone enquiries to 0419 321 320.

Direct deposits to the Vic Lax Foundation bank account:  BSB 083 166   47 804 1928.

Enquiries to any of the Trustees:

Fergus Stewart/Doug Fox/Kendrea Kendall/ Adam Holmes/ Sue Gandy and Rob Speakman.

The Victorian Lacrosse Foundation Schedule of Donations at 28th February 2017 is available here.

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