Lacrosse is defined as a game played on a rectangular field by two teams of ten players each, in which participants use a stick which has a net on one end to catch, throw and carry a ball into the opposing team's goal game.  At the completion of the contest the team with the higher score wins. Simple, but as players, coaches and officials, families and spectators we know that lacrosse gives us far more than on field results.  What we gain from lacrosse in terms of friendship, leadership, teamwork, mental and physical fitness, history and in some cases love are things that we will carry with us for a life time.

The Victorian Lacrosse Foundation was established in 1999 for the purpose of accumulating funds for the permanent benefit of men's and women's lacrosse in Victoria.  The Foundation provides a way for individuals and businesses to ensure that the sport continues to grow and contribute meaningfully to people's lives.

Lacrosse Victoria FoundationAs an independent non-profit organisation, the Victorian Lacrosse Foundation operates in support of Lacrosse Victoria.  The initial fund raising target of the Victorian Lacrosse Foundation is $1 million, the emphasis of the fund is on maintaining the capital of the fund intact and spending the interest earned on approved projects in the areas of:

  • Junior development
  • Administration
  • Publicity and Promotion of Lacrosse in Victoria

The Victorian Lacrosse Foundation is backed by a legally constituted Trust Deed, which defines its purpose and ensures that the interest on the funds accumulated is used for appropriate projects. The Victorian Lacrosse Foundation is able to offer tax deductibility status for donations under certain conditions when they are directed through the Australian Sports Foundation Ltd.

Trustees of the Victorian Lacrosse Foundation are commencing an appeal to Lacrosse Supporters to direct their usual community charitable donations to the Foundation for the next 12 months.

Arguing that "charity begins at home" the Trustees point out that our great sport has no professional fund raisers, taking a slice of the action, and that a dollar donated to the Lacrosse Foundation is truly a dollar that will keep on on giving to the Sport.

All donations are Tax Free via the Australian Sports Foundation

Send cheques payable to Vic Lacrosse Foundation to Mr Fergus Stewart - 36 Alta Street, Canterbury, 3126

Or direct deposit into the Lacrosse Foundation bank account

Foundation bank a/c details are:  083 166   47-804-1928

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