Advisory Groups

For our sport to govern successfully, we need a keen group of people to nominate for positions on these Advisory Groups. This gives people the chance to support the sport, get an insight into the running of Lacrosse and can act as an introduction for taking on a position on the Board in the future, if desired.

We understand that everyone is short of spare time. Being able to share the load across the Advisory Groups makes the task that bit easier, lightens the load all round and gives you the chance to contribute to the running and development of your favourite sport into the future.

Application Process for Becoming an Advisory Group or Sub-Committee Member


To become an Advisory Group or Sub-Committee Member, applicants must read the following documents:


In order to apply for an Advisory Group position, applicants need to fill out the Nomination Form.


Please send the completed Nomination Form to:


Lacrosse Victoria will then review and assess all application forms.

Skills Criteria for Applicants

Successful applicants will have the following skills:

  • Interest in future growth of Lacrosse in Victoria
  • Excellent Communication and Negotiation Skills
  • Knowledge of Lacrosse Rules and Competition
  • Interest in giving input in the development of Lacrosse
  • Special skills that can add value to the specific committee

Advisory Group Information

The role of Advisory Groups is to provide critical advice and support to the General Manager, and the Board as required, in key operational areas.

Please download the Terms of Reference for your Advisory Group of interest here:

Advisory Group Contact
Junior Development Advisory Group (JDAG)
Coach and Athlete Advisory Group (CAAG)
Competitions and Events Advisory Group (CEAG)
Marketing & Communications Advisory Group (MCAG)
Technical Advisory Group (TAG)
Transfer & Permits Advisory Group (TPAG)

Sub-Committee Information

The role of Sub-Committee’s is to provide advice and support to the Board as required, in key strategic areas.

Terms of Reference are available on request.

Sub-Committee Chair
Governance Evan Willis
Audit & Risk Anne Hodder
Facilities Josh Anderson


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